BMW S6RR – The Futuristic 600 ??

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Now this can be real Spicy. BMW is looking forward to enter the Supersport category with their all new S6RR. After earning accolades for their Flagship Superbike S1000RR the German manufacturer is ready to expand its legs in Supersport class too. The prototype of the new bike has been spotted testing on European race tracks. The bike is expected to be powered by 3 cylinder, 675 cc.  As we can see BMW may offer something out of the Box as far as Suspension and Brakes are concerned. The bike has been photoshoped by a Designer which can be the final product. Also with the arrival of MV Agusta with their Cross Plane Crank-Shaft powered F3 the Supersport  class won’t be the Japanese playground anymore.


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  • Jathin says:

    I loved the website. Very well done and really gets you involved with the car because even if i go the showroom in real,i wouldnt bother even going near the car. Nice way to get people know about car. But big question is , how will maruti get people to checkout this website!!!