BMW M3 officially goes out of production. We are heart-broken!

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What you see here in the lead image is the last of the very successful and much loved BMW M3 E92 Coupe. The last M3 E92 coupe today rolled off the assembly line of BMW’s plant in Regensburg, Germany. 

It’s definitely a sad day for us car aficionados, especially because it is end of not just the current M3 Coupe but it is also the end of the M3 Coupe moniker!

It may be noted that the 3 Series Coupe will be replaced by the 4-Series next year, a part of BMW’s exercise to use odd series numbers for its sedans and even series for the coupes, convertibles and the Gran Coupes.

While BMW might argue that this move will benefit the carmaker and the buyers alike, we are disappointed with the fact that the M3, easily among the most loved BMWs to have ever been on sale, will become defunct.

Definitely the end of an era it is. This final bright orange M3 Coupe will be the last M3 ever.

You’ll be missed mate. So will be all those wet dreams you have been responsible for.


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  • Lorraine Dimech says:

    No videos of bmw 3 series e92

  • Samarth Singh says:

    M3 will always be ridden in the game, Need for Speed: Most Wanted as the only car that rules them all!
    Apart from that, being a biker I don’t know much about the M3.

    Won’t the M4 be faster & overall better than M3?