BMW I7 Revealed During Its Winter Testing!

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BMW is one of the most sought-after luxury car manufacturers. Its cars offer a blend between opulence and performance. Time and again the brand has proved its worth in the automobile industry. Just this year, BMW’s sales in the Indian market grew 46 percent from January to September. The brand has been a key player in the ICE engine market, and now it wishes to earn a name in the EV industry as well. The brand has released several flagship models across different segments, such as the iX SUV, and now it is working on its next flagship model for the sedan segment; the BMW i7. The i7 once launched will stand at the top of the electric sedan line up from BMW.

BMW i7 Winter Testing Front

BMW I7: What to expect?

The very first spy shots of the i7 surfaced as early as 2020, but most recently BMW has released some amazing photos of the camouflaged i7 prototype sliding over snow. These pictures come to us from Arjeplog, Sweden; where the BMW i7 can be seen testing in the winter season. This camouflaged prototype offers little to no insights into the design of this car but it indeed teases and makes us eager for the debut of the i7.

BMW i7 Winter Testing Slides

From the front it seems as if the traditional grille has been shortened, to match the old BMW look. Front the side profile the car looks to be low-sprung and has a long wheelbase. While BMW has been silent regarding the specs and features on offer with this model, the brand has confirmed that the car will be equipped with xDrive technology as seen on the iX SUV. The i7 might run on a similar platform as the iX with a large 105kWh battery powering a dual-motor set up to give out 523HP of power to all four wheels.

BMW i7 Winter Testing 2

Currently, BMW’s electric sedan lineup is being taken forward by the i4, which is also getting a Motorsport edition. It is very much possible that the upcoming i7 model gets a variant that offers the ‘M’ badge along with enhanced performance. As of now, BMW has made no statements regarding the launch date of the i7, but we expect it to be launched in late 2022.

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