Bikers for Good Motorcycle Club “Respect Your Freedom” ride happening today

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Bikers for Good Motorcycle Club, Delh


With this message, the Bikers for Good Motorcycle Club (Delhi Chapter) is on a ride today which is being called as “RESPECT YOUR FREEDOM”.

Being a first-of-its-kind support ride, Bikers for Good has also invited other Delhi based Motorcycle and Superbike Clubs to join in for the same.

“In the past, whenever the government has taken things lightly, we have been there to protest. Now, when the government is taking strict action against anti-social elements,
we should support,” said Mohit Ahuja, Founder of Bikers for Good.

The ride has been organized with the motive of making the police and the media realize the difference between bikers and hooligans. “There are bikers all across India who respect the police and
the work they do. We wear safety gear irrespective of harsh weather conditions and for us the word BIKER is an identity, a way of life! We are doing this ride to send out a message
of Safe Riding and Respect for Bikers. Even though Bikers for Good is organizing the ride, the cause is something that is personal to every biker out there, “adds Mohit.

Joining the ride are other well-known Delhi based biking clubs namely GODS (Group Of Delhi’s Superbikers), Born 2 Ride Motorcycle Club, Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run, Guns Motorcycling, and
Royal Mavericks – Royal Enfield Riders Group. The ride starts off from South Extension and the bikers shall together ride to Jantar Mantar (Connaught Place),
where they thank Delhi Police and Delhi Traffic Police for their efforts.

When questioned about the shooting, and whether it should have happened or not, Joshua John, Founder of Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run said, “It is not for us to decide whether the
shooting was right or wrong. Let the Court do that. But yes, with this ride, we want to pass the message that Bikers are responsible citizens who abide by law.
We want to graciously thank the cops for serving and helping us throughout.”

In the past, Bikers for Good has done many social cause related rides. Being the only motorcycle club in India that rides solely for social causes, Bikers for Good has worked for
social welfare since almost 2 years now. With the recent incident involving the motorist being shot, there couldn’t have been a better time for the bikers to stand for themselves
and make a statement of RIDE & RESPECT.

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