Bhallala Deva’s Mass-Slaughter Chariot In Baahubali 2 Used A Royal Enfield Engine

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If you haven’t heard of Indian historical fiction film Baahubali 2, you probably aren’t keeping up with the latest happenings that well. The film has been breaking records, grossing over INR 1,000 crore on the Box Office worldwide. In fact, the film set a record collection of INR 500 crore even before the release through satellite and theatrical rights.

Bhallala Deva's Mass-Slaughter Chariot In Baahubali 2

One of the most talked about elements in the film is Bhallala Deva’s (played by Actor Rana Daggubati) mass-slaughter chariot, and it had a motorcycle connection. Adding royalty to Bhallala Deva’s chariot in the second installment of Indian historical fiction film was a Royal Enfield engine. But didn’t we see a pair of bulls pulling the chariot? While in the movie, a pair of bulls pulled the chariot through the battlefield, it was actually propelled by a Bull-et (Royal Enfield) engine and the animals were later added with the help of Computer-Generated Imagery or CGI.

Bhallala Deva's (played by Actor Rana Daggubati) mass-slaughter chariot

Speaking with Manorama Online, Production Designer Sabu Cyril said, “Bhallala Deva’s chariot was built with a Royal Enfield engine as the centre-piece as that would give the chariot the required power and speed. We used this method in the first Baahubali film as well. The chariot had a typical car steering plus a driver. We had a lot of fun designing and conceptualizing it.”

Check out the trailer below:

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