Beware! This Auto-rickshaw packs 100 bhp

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Sick and tired of those buzzing, lazy, cyanide spewing auto-rickshaws clogging up the roads? Well, there’s no respite from all that, but the next time you curse one of those three-wheeled anomalies, have a look at it’s potential.

Inspired by a machine-gun laden tuk-tuk from the video game Far Cry 4, somebody called Colin Furze is bonkers enough to pop in a Honda CBR600RR’s manic 600 cc, liquid cooled, inline four engine to the petty engine bay of a Bajaj RE auto-rickshaw. In it’s current state of tune, the engine produces almost 100 bhp- this rick should be a proper hooligan on the road.

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Of course, the chassis has been extensively modified and reinforced to handle the added weight of the new Honda motor, and the puny rear wheels and tires have been ditched for some hefty rubber. Up front, the rickshaw’s steering handle has been altered to integrate the bike’s switch-gear and levers, complete with a floor mounted gear shifter. Apart from that, Colin has also bolted the Honda’s instrumentation console ahead of the steering handle, while the entire wiring loom has been modified to adapt to the new body. Also, additional linkages have been custom built for the rear brake and the clutch.

This is an interesting build- no two ways about it. What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts on this three-wheeled, pint sized terror.

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