Bajaj Auto Registers a 52% Growth In October 2009!

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India’s second largest two-wheeler manufacturer, Bajaj Auto registered a growth of 52 percent as compared to the corresponding month a year ago. Bajaj’s performance since the start of the year has been like a steep roller coaster climb as compared to the poor sales figures it had faced a year ago. Last year, Bajaj had been struggling to keep pace with the competition. The company has reported positive growth ever since month after month. Bajaj announced a month ago that the second quarter was the best ever and things look even better looking at the way Bajaj has fared with this third quarter.

This October, Bajaj managed to sell 249,974 two-wheelers out of which motorcycles accounted to 249,681. The sales figures during October last year were 165,477 two wheelers out of which 163,850 were motorcycles. This is the second month where in, Bajaj has reportedly managed to sell close to 2.5 lakh two wheelers. Bajaj reported a sales figure of 249,795 two wheelers a month ago. In a similar trend to its figures a month ago, the company sold 55,413 Pulsars and 95,139 Discovers which are the motorcycle models that contribute maximum to the sales figure of the company.

After its launch on the 7th day of October, Bajaj managed to sell 127 units of the flagship Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Bajaj also observed a 16 percent growth in the sales of its three wheeler segment. The company managed to sell this month, 30,481 three wheelers as compared to 26,363 three wheelers last year. With this, the total units of vehicles sold by Bajaj this month sums up to 280,455 units. Out of these, exports included 84,012 units which not only makes it 12 percent more than last year but the highest ever for Bajaj.

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