Auto Expo 2016 : The Honda Jazz Racing Concept is a visual treat


Honda Jazz Racing Concept Auto Expo 2016

While the upcoming BR-V along with the new Accord and the ASIMO robot hogged much of the limelight at the Honda pavilion at the 2016 Auto Expo, this Jazz Racing Concept, in its sporty racing livery also grabbed quite a few eyeballs. The Jazz Concept is likely meant only to adorn the show floor for Honda, with bleak to no chances of it getting metamorphosed into a production vehicle.

Honda Jazz Racing Concept Auto Expo 2016 (6)

In addition to its sporty livery in black and red over an off-white body colour, the Jazz Sport also gets a generous dose of body kits. The front bumper extends out in a race car fashion. The headlamps and the grille have been modified too, with the fog lamps now sitting inside a glossy black housing. One could also see a nylon tow hook emerging out of that front bumper. Another highlight of the Jazz Sport’s face is its LED projector headlamps.

On the sides, the new sporty 16 inch black alloys are wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza race spec rubber. The ORMs get a red highlight too. To underline its track focused intent, Honda has sprinkled the Jazz Sport with carbon fibre accents in several places.

Things get really dramatic at the rear, where a massive black rood mounted spoiler along with an equally aggressive rear bumper and properly distinguishes the Sport from the Vanilla Jazz. The slat above the registration plate also gets a carbon fibre treatment.

Honda Jazz Racing Concept Auto Expo 2016 (9)

Inside the cabin, the amenities have been shown the door to reduce weight and make the Jazz Racing Concept look like a serious track machine. Fabric upholstery and regular seats get replaced with Recaro bucket seats. The regular steering wheel has been replaced with an Alcantara wrapped MOMO unit. A heavy duty roll cage occupies much of the space inside, and the dash also gets a race-spec kill switch.

No details have been divulged by Honda about the powertrain, and they honestly didn’t need to. The Jazz Racing Concept is meant only to be a show car and what rests under that hood is inconsequential unless the car maker is actually contemplating to bring to the street – which we are more than sure it isn’t.

Check out the images of the Jazz Racer Concept in the gallery below.

Honda Jazz Racer Concept Auto Expo 2016 (9)
Honda Jazz Racer Concept Auto Expo 2016 (8)
Honda Jazz Racer Concept Auto Expo 2016 (6)
Honda Jazz Racer Concept Auto Expo 2016 (4)
Honda Jazz Racing Concept Auto Expo 2016

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