Review: Aprilia SXR 125- Good Things Come At A Price


Aprilia has created some sort of niche for themselves in the scooter market. Their scooters are stylish, powerful and priced at a premium when compared to others. It’s a scooter which an enthusiast would go for rather than a commuter. The Aprilia SXR 160 is currently the only premium 160cc scooter in our market today and Aprilia has now expanded its range by launching the SXR 125. Let’s take a look at all the differences between the two:

aprilia sxr 125 side


The Aprilia SXR 125 is definitely the best looking 125cc maxi scooter in the market today. It is very well proportioned and the styling reeks of sexiness. The chassis, colour options and the entire design of the SXR 125 is exactly the same as its sibling. Some of its key details are the 120 section tires wrapped around 12inch alloy wheels. Front disc and rear drum brakes with a combine braking system. The red Aprilia highlights on the grey alloys are nice attention to detail.

aprilia sxr 125 lights

The front features the excellent 3 piece LED headlights which are the best in its class. The fly screen is particularly high  giving it a distinct look. The instrument console is a comprehensive unit but it lacks bluetooth connectivity. Some of the information which it displays is the DTE, fuel efficiency, ambient temperature and battery voltage. The switchgear and plastic quality could probably have been better considering the premium positioning of the scooter. The under seat storage is rated at 20 liters and it also gets a nifty light. The front lid is a lockable unit which generous space for items and also a USB charging socket. The rear features full LED units for the brake light and the indicators. Overall, it is a great looking scooter with the only issue being the switchgear quality.

aprilia sxr 125 rear lights


The air-cooled 125cc engine produces 9.5 ps and 9.2 nm of torque. The performance of the SXR 125 is more or less similar to other 125cc scooters thanks to its high weight. The top speed is also lesser than the SSXR 160 and it struggles past the 90km/h mark. The acceleration of the scooter is more or less in the same lines when compared to other 125cc scooters and on some occasions even lesser than them.


The fuel efficiency has gone up thanks to the reduced power and it now delivers an average of around 40km/l which is still lesser when compared to other 125cc scooters. The dynamic ability is as impressive as its elder sibling and you can have a lot of fun with the scooter. The braking effectiveness has gone down a bit when compared to the SXR 160 however it is still one of the best braking in its segment thanks to the CBS system. The Aprilia aces its competition when it comes to handling and braking capabilities.

aprilia sxr 125 low


Priced at ₹1.16 lakhs the SXR 125 is not for everyone. It is quite pricey when compared to the competition and also the least efficient. If you want a scooter with unique styling and a premium quotient, the Aprilia SXR 125 makes sense for you. However, with a difference of just ₹9,000 the SXR 160 makes much more sense due to all the extra power and bragging rights that you would get from a 160cc scooter.



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