Appeal: Racer Sarath Kumar in dire straits, calling all petrolheads to help him

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If you’re a sportsman in India, you should either play cricket, or be born to a billionaire. All other sportsmen in this country are destined to suffer sheer neglect from the government and the media alike. Even more so if you’re into motorsports, which is sometimes not even considered a ‘sport’ but tagged as an ‘entertainment’ activity in our country. Here’s another story of a sportsman suffering neglect and braving all odds to keep his racing dream alive. If you’re a true motorsport enthusiast, this story would have you aghast with disbelief.

Sarath Kumar, the young racing prodigy who has amazed one and all with his impressive pace in national and international racing events, and holds the proud distinction of being the first ever Indian to have raced in MotoGP, is currently having to drive a taxi to make ends meet. The young racer, apart from being the first Indian MotoGP rider, has also made India proud by bagging the third position at the CIV – Italian Championship in Monza – making him the first Indian to have secured a place on the podium at an international motorsports event in Europe.

According to a report in TOI, the young racer has to play a cabbie for 10 hours to sustain his family. The 20 year old wakes up at 5 in the morning everyday for three hours of physical training with his personal trainer. Don’t be mistaken by the mention of a personal trainer though, for he has to pay Rs 6000 for the professional’s services from his own pocket. An hour after the training session he takes to the wheel of loaned Toyota Etios which he drives for 10 hours every day to earn his bread in Chennai.
Sarath has been playing a cabbie for the past two months now. He used to earn more when he started his day early, working in a 4:00 am to 7:00 pm shift, but having to start later in the day due to his fitness regime has reduced his earnings which are now about Rs 10 – 12 K per month.  Out of this, Sarath has to pay his trainer, buy health supplements, pay house rent and take care of his sister’s education too.  It’s really an irony that the only significant help that Sarath receives comes not from his own country of more than a billion people, but from Italy. A friend from Italy helps him with some of the health supplements and training techniques.

We’ll soon get in touch with the young racer to get a better picture on the state of affairs. Sarath, in the meantime is looking for a full time sponsor, so that he could focus all his concentration and energies into racing. Sarath’s next race will be in Mugello on June 23.

Being a very small organization, we cannot be of much monetary help to Sarath, but we would still like to pledge a small sum of Rs 2000 to Sarath to support him in his racing endeavours. We would also request all the true motorsport fans to contribute whatever they can to help this talented young racer pursue his dream.  All the contributors’ names will be duly listed online along with the amount contributed. Let’s not let another bright star of motorsport fade away into oblivion.

Let’s do whatever little we can to help Sarath. If not with money, please share this appeal on your Facebook page, or any other social media platforms to help spread the word.

Here’s a brief list of Sarath’s accomplishments

•    First Indian to Participate in MotoGP 125CC World Championships
•    2010 National Champion of India in 165CC Expert class
•    Lap record holder at MMRT – Chennai (1.56.629)
•    2nd fastest lap time at the Sugo International Circuit, Japan
•    2nd overall in the 4-stroke 165cc class in the MRF International Challenge 2010
•    1st overall in the Yamaha 135cc one-make under-bone class at the MRF International Challenge 2010
•    Winner of the 2010 King of the Hill in the 165CC category at Bangalore
•    Winner of the MECO 90 Minutes Endurance Race 2010
•    2008 National Champion in 130cc 4-stroke novice class
•    Third position at the CIV – Italian Championship in Monza

You can wire your contributions to the following account
Motoroids Auto Infoservices Pvt Ltd
A/C no.  14442000000937
Tilak Nagar, Mumbai Branch
IFSC Code : HDFC0001444

Original news source: TOI

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