Another Heartburn for Tata: Nano Embraces Fire Yet Again

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Call it bad fate or bad omen the Nano is jinxed. Maybe every company envied it much before its launch as it was supposed to cause a drastic change to the market figures. The whole hype and the typical Tata lucky draw system, were the only good days for Nano. Soon after it came on the roads it started to show its major flaw in design which is the rear engine. With a reputed group of Tata neglecting the fact that the cooling system is not conducive for the hot climate of India, which reaches 45-50 degrees during summer. The Nano has constantly been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

On 2 March 2011 we had one more case of fire embracing Nano at Shivranjani Crossroad in Ahmedabad. Nano belonging to Mr Vipul Jani caught fire in the rear where the engine is located. Mr Jani purchased the Nano in the month of May last year and has registered a police complaint against such a death defying accident.

With such fires taking place repeatedly, the tarnished image of the Tata Nano is now completely blackened with yet another dirty feather in its hat. The collection of these dirty feathers has become a joke for the industry and the media. What does Tata do now is something we have to watch. We suggest that the Nano needs reconsideration for the cooling system design, which has proved to be failing with another such accident.

What do you think should Tata do about this issue?

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  • Prateek Pandey says:


    I am sure they are not hypocrite, certainly not in this way.

    But yeah they sure are taking a load of crap from Honda for no reason, IN India Honda's are incredibly pricey + devoid of features they sell at peanuts everywhere, makes this a certainly shitty company in India.

    More power to the guy.