Android Auto To Be Updated Soon

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When you’re in the driver’s seat, there’s a lot to think about, like getting directions for your next destination, playing the right music or even answering a few important calls. That’s why Technology giant, Google came up with the Android Auto, to help make your driving experience easier and much safer. Android Auto has now grown to support more than 500 different car models from over 50 different brands.

After conquering the mobile and internet segments, Google had moved on to automobile connectivity, almost 5 years ago. As we know, Apple’s CarPlay is an infotainment system that uses its proprietary Siri voice recognition system to make driving safer and communication easier behind the wheel. Even Google had come up with the Android Auto to take on the Apple CarPlay. Two days ago, Google introduced the new upgraded design of the Android Auto, that would roll out to all the compatible cars, and would be available by the end of this month. The new interface is built to help you get on the road faster, show more useful information and simplify common tasks while driving.

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The top 5 features of the new Android Auto update are:

Quick Start – As soon as you start your car, Android Auto will continue playing your media and display the navigation app of your choice. All you need to do is, simply tap on a suggested location or say “Hey Google / Ok Google” to navigate to a new place.

Multi-tasking – With the new navigation bar, you can see turn-by-turn directions and you will be able to control other apps from your phone on the same screen.

Easy Accessibility – The new notification centre shows recent calls, messages and alerts, so you can choose to view, listen and respond at a time that’s convenient and safe for you.

Less visual strain – Android Auto’s new evolving design can now match with your car’s interior. This includes a dark theme, coupled with colourful accents and easier to read fonts, to help improve visibility and reduce the strain on your eyes.

Perfect Fitting – If you have a car with a wider screen, Android Auto will now maximize your display to show you more information, like next-turn directions, playback controls and ongoing calls.


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