An intergalactic Lamborghini Huracan that can storm through extraterrestrial troops

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Star Wars inspired Huracan

For being the most conventional Lamborghini ever made, the Huracan will probably miss the spot for being up there among its more outlandish cousins. However, if the folks at Sant’Agata ever needed some inspiration to make some amends, here it comes. Following release of the second teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Jonsibal has penned out this extra terrestrial Bull. The roof has been removed for a better view of the Milky way and the kitchen spider inspired wheels can put even the best looking flying saucer out there to shame.


With two individual fly screens, a logo designed by M.Night Shyamalan sitting proudly at the front and a Stormtrooper behind the wheel, we’re gladly ready to be abducted any moment. Incidentally, this render resembles the Aventador J which was revealed at Geneva, way back in 2012 and had an all black Stormtrooper in the driver seat.

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