Alto to get 1.0-litre K-series engine from the A-star next month

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The Alto just refuses to step down from the throne. For many years, the small car has been reigning supreme in the sales charts of the Indian car market. Usually a manufacturer will not mess with such a winning formula – as they say, why mend something that’s not broke. But if our friends from Indianautosblog are to be believed, the Alto will soon get the 1.0-litre K-series engine, from its A-star brethren. The news further substantiates our earlier report of Maruti’s intentions to introduce the new engine.

The good thing here, however, is that the company is not taking the older engine completely off the shelf. The new K-series engine will be introduced in the Alto as an option and will be sold alongside the traditional 800cc mill. The current 800cc powerplant of the Alto produces a measly 46 bhp. The K-series engine on the other hand produces 66 horses – which will translate into an almost 50% boost in the car’s power. The new engine produces 90Nm of torque, which again is 24 units more than the Alto.

Of course, there will be a price difference between the two options, but with that sort of power, the puny Alto with its ulta light weight will become a rocket of sorts for those on a budget. We cannot wait to get our hands behind the wheel of this car. So when is it happening? Well, if the reports are to be believed, next month.

Source : Indianautosblog

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