6D Helmets: Shock Absorbers for your head

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After slogging out 2 years on the project, Bob Weber and Robert Reisinger unveiled a completely new and innovative range of 6D helmets. By the looks of it, seems to be a path breaking venture and should pave the way for future helmet technologies that has more or less revolved around the same architecture since it was reportedly invented by Gottlieb Daimler way back in 1885.

6D-Geico-helmetFrom the outside it looks just another conventional helmet, but dissect the shell and you’ll find the brilliance that has gone into designing that’ll help absorb impacts to the brain in the event of a mishap. Termed as ODS™ ( Omni-Directional Suspension™ ), it is a unique system that acts as a suspension between the two layers of the helmet.




Though right now the design is solely focussed on motocross and off-roading, it will make a great idea for street riding too considering that hits on the tarmac renders a higher degree of impact than hitting muddy surfaces.


The technology has been patented and we wish this technology spreads across all platforms of riding and becomes an affordable gear for all.

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