2nd race of the Volkswagen-JK Tyre Polo Cup 2010 flagged off today!

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2010 marks the year of debut for the Polo Cup in India which is made up of 6 race weekends. The 1st race of the Volkswagen-JK Tyre Polo Cup 2010 took place in Pune earlier in the month of May in a street race format. The 2nd race of this event will take place today at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore.

The qualifying round was topped by Vishnu Prasad from Chennai who clocked a best time of 1:15.811. The second place was conquered by Saran Vikram with a best lap time of 1:16.045. The second row of the grid was completed with Sahil Shelar and Karthik Shankar on 3rd and 4th position  with a best lap time of 1:16.544 and 1:16.671 respectively.

After the first race that took place in Pune, the 2nd race of the Volkswagen-JK Tyre Polo Cup 2010 takes place today at the Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore - www.motoroids.com

“I am really excited about getting Pole Position here at Kari Motor Speedway. The track was really great and with the Race Polo, I was able to drive at a good, consistent speed through the qualifying laps. Now my focus is to capitalise on this Pole Position in order to win the race tomorrow,” said Vishnu Prasad with an intention of winning Pole Position. Saran Vikram who qualified second said, “I knew that I had qualified for the race, but was awaiting the final line-up announcement. Now that I have got myself a position on the 1st row of the starting grid, I will put in my best efforts to win the race.”

Results of the qualifiers:

DriverBest Lap
Vishnu Prasad1:15.811
Saran Vikram1:16.045
Sahil Shelar1:16.544
Karthik Shankar1:16.671
Anthony George1:16.868
Sailesh Bolisetti1:16.943
Mohd. Fahadkutty1:16.971
Vikash Anand1:17.202
Parth Ghorpade1:17.328
Munjal Savla1:17.375
Bertrand D’Souza*1:17.412
Gokul Krishna1:17.438
Alisha Abdullah1:17.445
Samyak Shah1:17.492
Jayprashant Venkat1:17.659
Gurniaz Maan1:17.869
Suraj Bhagat1:18.134
Ameya Bafna1:18.278
Imran Majid1:18.304
Sourav Bandhopadyay1:18.855
Oshan Kothadiya1:20.073

The current driver standings after the 1st race of Polo Cup India 2010 in Pune are as below:

Sailesh Bolisetti60
Karthik Shankar44
Mohd. Fahadkutty35
Vishnu Prasad33
Sahil Shelar33
Saran Vikram31
Oshan Kothadiya29
Munjal Savla26
Parth Ghorpade23
Gurniaz Maan23
Gokul Krishna20
Samyak Shah17
Anthony George17
Alisha Abdullah16
Saurav Bandhopadhyay11
Imran Majid11
Mitra Yerwadekar*0
Ameya Bafna0
Jayprashant Venkat0
Mohit Ahuja**0
Vikash Anand0
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