2023 Nissan Z Breaks Cover And It’s A Treat For JDM Fans

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Attention all JDM aficionados: the legendary Nissan Z has been unveiled in its latest avatar! Nissan introduced the revamped 2023 Nissan Z sports car on Tuesday night. It is a retro-styled model that the firm hopes will continue the brand’s turnaround following recent turbulence. The Datsun 240Z was a success, and many people now use it as a project car or daily driver. The name is one of the most significant changes. Instead of Z followed by a three-digit number, this vehicle is simply referred to as the Z.

The focus

Nissan had been dealing with struggling sales due to an ageing lineup. Nissan designers were already working on redesigns of the company’s mainstream models when talk of a new Z sports car came up.

“At the time, we were looking at who we are as a company,” said Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s global head of design. “Like me, a little bit depressed. I was disgusted.” Creating the Z helped pull everyone through, he said, both in the design studio and in other parts of the company.

2023 Nissan Z 1


The new Z’s design is reminiscent of the 240Z, the very first Z car, unveiled in 1969. It has a long hood and a roof that curves down towards the back. It looks very similar to the Nissan Z Proto concept unveiled in September of last year, but with subtle sculpting differences.

“This car, being a little bit 240, is a metaphor for a company that was looking to find itself again,” said Albaisa.

2023 Nissan Z 2


The Nissan Z is a two-seater sports car. The interior is all driver-focused, the seats are more of a racing type which helps the driver not to move while taking turns. There is an 8-inch touchscreen embedded in the dashboard, but there are also three old-fashioned analogue gauges with needles showing turbo speed, turbo pressure, and electrical system voltage.

2023 Nissan Z 3


The sports car is powered by a turbocharged V6 engine that pushes out 400 bhp of crazy power and 475 Nm of peak torque. It will have a rear-wheel-drive setup, plus point for all the drifting fans. A six-speed manual transmission will come standard, but a nine-speed automatic transmission will be offered as an option as well.

2023 Nissan Z


The Z will initially be available in two versions, Sport and Performance. Horsepower will be the same in both, but the Performance version will have a rear spoiler, leather seats, Launch Control, which automatically provides maximum acceleration from a stop, and a few other upgrades. Z Performance models also add some interior upgrades, like heated seats and an eight-speaker Bose stereo system, but most of the package contains actual performance gear: stiffer suspension, a limited-slip differential, and beefier brakes. Upfront, four-piston calipers grip 14.0-inch rotors, while the 13.8-inch rear rotors are squeezed by two-piston sliding calipers.

2023 Nissan Z (1)

Nissan’s Z cars have long had a passionate following and early models have become collectables. The new Z will go on sale in the spring of 2022. Pricing for the car will be announced closer to when it goes on sale. Prices for the current model, the 370Z, start at around $31,000. The Nissan Z will be a tough competition to the Toyota Supra MK5.

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