2022 Ducati Panigale V4 Breaks Cover!

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Ducati updated their top-of-the-range Panigale V4 to make it more track-focused while also making it a bit easier to ride in the city. It is now harder, better, and faster. The new Panigale has been refreshed and improved just as WSBK and MotoGP bikes have been updated in all areas.

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What’s new?

Visually, the bike remains the same but there are some changes here and there. The heart of Panigale has been given some small updates. The 1103 cc engine has a new oil circuit and new exhaust which increase efficiency. As a result, there is a  slight bump in the power of 1.5bhp with that bike producing 212bhp at 13,000 rpm. This is achieved by a new and revised gearbox. The SBK gearbox has been lengthened for a first, second, and sixth gear. The gear ratio is more race-oriented which can be used on tracks.

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Electronics are also updated on the new Panigale V4. It offers 4 riding modes (Full, High,  Medium, Low). Ducati claims that Full is their sportiest option ever offered, delivering full power without restriction in all but first gear so you don’t flip this thing. Low power mode now drops power to 150bhp and softens the throttle considerably, which Ducati says makes for enjoyable road riding. To make the most of its changes Ducati has also tweaked its riding position with a flatter seat and altered tank. With this new riding, position riders can have a good grip under heavy acceleration and braking.

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On the aerodynamic side, Ducati engineers have worked hard to integrate new double and thinner profile winglets which Ducati claims maintain the same downforce in a more efficient package[ 37kg at 300kmph].  The fairing has also been tweaked to tunnel more cooling air towards the engine too. Rather astonishingly some nod has been given to comfort, with new Öhlins NPX 25/30 semi-active forks that have 5mm more travel as well as softer springs for better bump absorption on rough roads. The rear is virtually unchanged bar a 4mm higher pivot point for the swingarm, which Ducati says increases the anti-squat effect under power.

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The dashboard has been redesigned for a simpler read and has also been added with MotoGP-inspired layout “Track Evo”. The new set-up moves the tacho to a horizontal scale at the very top of the dash, while current gear takes centre stage. On the right of the dash sits four coloured panels, each referring to a dedicated safety function such as traction or ABS, which illuminate when they’re called up, so you have an idea of just how much electronic intervention you’re currently relying on.

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