2021 TVS Apache RR 310: Dynamic And Race Kit Explained

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The 2021 TVS Apache RR 310 was unveiled yesterday and in a true TVS fashion, their flagship supersport gets a host of updates in its new iteration. The star of the show, however, are the two performance kits that are being offered as an optional extra under TVS’ new BTO ( Built to Order ) platform. The two performance kits that are on offer at the moment are Dynamic and Race. You can opt for these customizations on the TVS configurator and the TVS Arrive smartphone app while purchasing the motorcycle.

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The company has also stated that it will be accepting orders of up to 150 BTO units in September and October this year. Let’s take a detailed look at both of these kits and what sets them apart:

Dynamic kit

Earlier this year, TVS dropped a nuke in the 200cc segment by bestowing the Apache RTR 200 with adjustable front suspension. It would have been a sin if they didn’t lend the same treatment to their flagship product, right? But TVS doesn’t believe in committing unholy things so they have rolled out an optional Dynamic Kit that comes with Kayaba fully adjustable suspension setup! Yes, fully! The front fork can be manually set up with preload adjustability of 15 mm with a 20-step compression as well as a 20-step rebound adjustment.

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The rear monoshock isn’t left out either as it gets a 20-step rebound and 10-step preload adjustment. This will further enable the rider to adjust the ride quality according to particular usage including track, touring and city. The Dynamic Kit also includes a brass-coated chain. Apart from providing that extra bling to your motorcycle, it is also more resistant to rust formation.

Race kit

The previous iteration of the Apache RR 310 is a good compromise between aggressiveness and comfort. But if you wish your RR 310 to be a lot sharper around the racetrack, the Race Kit will go a long way in ensuring that.

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The Race Kit includes a sharper set up of handlebar that are are pulled five degrees inside and are eight degrees lower. This will result in a more aggressive and committed riding stance out on the racetrack. Moreover, the footpegs are raised 30mm higher and get a 4.5-degree lean angle. It also gets a tweaked exhaust setup that is more upswept than before.

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How much do you need to shell out for the kits?

The Dynamic Kit can be availed by putting INR 12,000 on the table while the Race Kit will require you to shell out INR 5,000. The said prices are for the new bikes configured on the online platform.

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What can the existing customers avail?

Existing TVS Apache RR 310 customers can also avail some of these features as accessories, namely the race handlebar, race footrest, race footpeg, and new cluster features in the form of software updates, which can be retrofitted to their motorcycles. Customers can purchase these accessories from the TVS Motor Company Shop (Merchandise and Accessories e-commerce website).

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