2011 VW Phaeton can download images from Google, dim its lights and even read road signs on its own.


Consider yourself lucky if you are planning to buy the luxo-barge from VW, the 2011 Phaeton that is. And if you belong to the group of mortals who admire high-tech stuff then this one is for you.

The car has a long list of features but there are some which sets it apart from the competition. Take for example the option of downloading images off the google server and integrating them with the in-car GPS. In this way the driver gets to familiarize with the route easily.

And there is a camera fitted on the car’s windscreen which can read the speed limit signs, no passing zones etc. Brilliant!

Then there is another feature called Dynamic Light Assist, which checks whether the surrounding cars are suffering from the glare of the car’s headlights. If yes, then this masks out a certain portion of the car’s headlights in order to reduce the glare on others.


All this makes me wonder if we would need to drive in future or the cars will do that too on their own.



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