This Maruti Baleno to Mercedes A-Class conversion will make you want to shoot yourself

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Having dreams is a good thing. Mostly. Unless you wake up one day having dreamt that your Maruti Baleno has converted itself into a Mercedes A-Class. And then you actually go ahead and get it done. The end result, as expected, is ghastly.


An unsuspecting Baleno’s front end has been ripped apart, and sewn back together with tasteless bodywork centred around Mercedes’s ‘Diamond Grille’. The grille looks original in these images, although we won’t be surprised if its a knock-off.


The rear end has been tarted up with an extended rear bumper that hosts quad exhaust tips that are as fake as WWE. While all traces of the registration plate recess and badges have been dissolved, there’s even a diffuser-like element that has been left unpainted – this project is WIP, so we’ll give it that, but we also think it should be stopped ASAP.

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As for wheels and tires, the Merc-A-Baleno gets upgraded, after-market footwear courtesy 16-inch, five spoke alloy wheels wrapped around fatter, low profile rubber. The cabin’s getting a refurbish too, but we’re in no mood to see it.


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  • Jayanand says:

    I know its not the best thing to look at but it most certainly is far far better then anything that came out of DC’s workshop. Ghastly is a word i would use for those creations. Absolutely hideous.