New Mahindra Gusto tech specs and ride quality details


Mahindra to launch new global scooter called 'GUSTO' on 29th September (2)

Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited is pulling all the tricks out of its sleeves to create a product that excels, and would make its mark in the Honda Activa dominated 110cc scooter market. Their upcoming scooter exudes the enthusiasm one would expect from the youngest two wheeler manufacturer in the country. Quite aptly, then, they have named the new scooter, the Gusto.

We had the opportunity to ride this scooter for a first hand experience. However, we are bound by an embargo which we respect, so this post will only reveal what Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited allows us to and here are some bits that we can share with you.

To begin with, lets understand the philosophy behind name of the scooter. Mahindra Two Wheelers wants the Gusto to spread through the masses like a gust (strong rush of wind) and not surprisingly, the new Gusto receives a 109.6cc, all aluminium M-TEC motor that produces 8 HP of power and about 9 Nm of torque. The M-TEC engine comprises of a stronger crankshaft and bearings, high inertia magneto, high energy HT coil and series regulator which, Mahindra claims, would deliver superior power, efficiency and reliability.

Mahindra to launch new global scooter called 'GUSTO' on 29th September (1)

But that’s all technical jargon. So after having a good look at the specification sheet and the Gusto, we took it out for a spin around the streets of Jodhpur. First impressions, pushing the ignition button makes you immediately realise that the engine is smooth in operation and if blindfolded, a layman might mistake it for a thorough bred Japanese motor. The engine feels peppy and gives the Gusto enough thrust to catch up with life in the fast lane as it felt comfortable even around the 70 kph mark. It has enough power in its kitty for city rides as well the odd hauls on wide, arterial roads. The stopping power is pretty good by drum brake standards, however, we hope Mahindra offers an optional front disc brake, which should give the Gusto more brownie points over its competitors. The instrument cluster is a traditional needle unit and unlike the Rodeo, is pretty sombre.

In search for a good location to capture the scooter in pictures, we traveled quite a distance to reach the outskirts of Jodhpur. Good ergonomics coupled with seat cushioning, which is neither too firm nor too soft and finds the right balance in between, ensured we were comfortable in the saddle even after extended duration. As we rode the Gusto over terrain that resembled a baby’s bottom to something that belonged to the Red planet, the front telescopic suspension and the rear spring ensured it took the rough with gusto, while the 12-inch wheels with MRF Zapper tyres gripped the road pretty well

But all these are not the main USP’s of the Gusto. It carries a long list of features with many first’s, some of which are unique and made us think why did anyone else not think of applying it on their products until now. Mahindra Two Wheelers would reveal all the details on September 29 when the Gusto will be introduced in the Nothern and Western markets of India and Nepal. The Southern and Eastern markets in India along with South Asia, Central America and Africa would receive the Gusto in a few months time.

We will publish our first ride experience along with detailed images on the day of launch so don’t forget to tune in to Motoroids.

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