Meet the Range Rover’s scanty Chinese cousin – The Longer Yuelang X1!


The Longer Yuelang X1 isn’t so much a car, as it is a bad joke that’s been told badly. We have seen many terrible Chinese car knock-offs in the past, but this one is slightly more special. That’s because the creators couldn’t score a single proper hit on the original car’s design philosophy. The philosophy of regal aesthetics, effortless grace, majestic power, superb quality, gigantic size etc….. Nope, those weren’t even considered, evidently.

Longer Yuelang X1

Looks like this EV is wearing a smiley mask. Adorable, no?

Longer Lang.. X, what? Well, this is the worst thing we have laid our eyes on, this week. We see many copyright infringements here and there on the internet and in the corporate world, but the Chinese have remained immune to that ‘disease’. The Longer Yuelang X1 is a joint-venture project by Hebei Cook Electric Vehicle Corporation of Hebei Province, and Jiangsu New Grant New Energy Technology Corporation of Jiangsu Province. Supposedly, this is a “mini-mini SUV”, but no one is falling for that. If this is a mini-mini SUV, then the Nano must be one, too. At least the latter looks more original and contemporary. Anyway, this is just the start of it, there’s more.

Longer Yuelang X1

Notice the “ONEVROVER” on the chrome strip. That chrome might be fake, too.

Looks like a bad amalgamation of many ideas and thus, designs. Alas, none has worked on this car and from the back, it looks like an experiment that went wrong. It apparently has Range Rover bumpers, taillights and air-vents. But after a thorough examination, we couldn’t find anything Range Rover-ish at the rear of this car.

Longer Yuelang X1

Those vents are fake, as this is an electric vehicle. 

Yes, this doesn’t have thirsty petrol or a punchy diesel engine under that majes.., we mean golden bonnet. The Longer Yuelang X1 has a 3Kw electric motor and power for this motor comes from a lead-acid battery. No lithium-ion drivel, here. The battery has enough juice to give this EV a range of 120 km (75 mi). Top speed is a dizzying 50 km/h (32 mph). Take that Range Rover Sport!

Longer Yuelang X1

The interior is just., let’s be kind here, distasteful.

The interior has several luxurious appointments such as fake wood trims, some seating, an MP4 video player, windey-down windows etc. However, we are a bit perplexed by that big red button you see on the pedestal, just fore of the gear lever. Apparently, it’s a “panic button” and we are not kidding on that one. That’s what that button is called. Maybe, if you drive it long enough and become saturated by the embarrassment, you could hit that knob and it would eject you out of the car. That would be cool, for sure.

Longer Yuelang X1

The only original bit on this EV is that ‘Land Rover’ badge. We presume LR won’t like this.

Apart from that LR badge, we are struggling to find anything good to say about this car. Oh, wait, let’s check out the alloy wheels, they might redeem some brownie points for the Longer Yuelang X1.

Longer Yuelang X1

When did the Bavarians get involved? Tubeless tyres, ostensibly.

Sadly, the alloys didn’t do the trick and this is still a horrible mash-up of various design cues. And for the BMW bit, we feel in this case, it probably stands for ‘Bunk Motoring Wheels’. Anyway, we think you would have laughed or cringed enough by now, so let’s end it here. Let us know your opinions and thoughts on the Longer Yuelang X1.

Source and image credits – CarNewsChina

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