VIDEO: Bus drivers seem barbaric, show utter disregard towards other motorists


Kerala bus

Periodically, we blame drivers of heavy vehicles for not letting some of us pass them by. We curse them for not giving us enough room when they pull over to the side of the road, which isn’t a sight unseen. However, passing or overtaking a slower moving heavy vehicle, is a trifling matter and many of us don’t even bat an eyelid when it comes down to doing it. But, if you are driving in India, better be prepared to see a 10+ tonne passenger bus hurtling towards you, either from behind you, or worse still, towards you from the front!


You don’t wanna be driving slow, when one of these is behind & faster than you.

There have been countless accidents and several lives lost, as a result of the reckless and unbothered driving approach of these drivers. It isn’t anomalous to find some/most of these drivers, being under the influence of alcohol. As you are about to watch in the video, these idiots also, we presume, think that they are blessed with genes from drifting champions and Rajnikanth, too. And that their archaic thousand tonne buses, get their holy rays of chassis control and suspension setup, from the likes of BMW or Porsche, or maybe, even from go-karts. These drivers seem to have absolutely no regard for human or machine life. They literally drive, as if their life depends on it. Ironically, however, their ‘speed racer’ driving style, could spell doom for anyone, even themselves! Anyway, watch the below video and be amazed by how these lunatics play with their passengers’ and other fellow motorists’ lives. To watch the real hooliganism, skip to 0:45. We also believe that the title of this video deserves to be changed to “Bus almost flips over, because of stupid driver” Tell us what you think of these drivers’ risky moves and write to us with your opinions and thoughts in the comments section, below.


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  • Muhammed Kutty says:

    There is a wrong message in your article. The photos shown are of state owned KSRTC bus where as the dangerous driving was of a privately operated bus. Private buses in Kerala are the most dangerous animals in the world, God have ever created. In the past there were many instances when people destroyed such irresponsibly driven buses completely. They used to man handle and things did not happen for many years that followed. But in the past decade, there is a huge inflow of irresponsible drivers into the roads of Kerala. KSRTC travel is one of my favorite journeys always. Your article gives a bad image to KSRTC. They are mostly practicing safe and comfortable driving, even though some black sheeps are there too.