VIDEO: Here’s why you should abandon your car NOW if stuck in a deluge


A former colleague of ours is stuck inside his submerged car in Mumbai as we write this. Since towing and assistance services are unable to pull his car out, we have advised him to abandon the vehicle and get to safety. As it continues to pour in Mumbai, even the Police has tweeted an advisory which suggests, “Mumbai Police 2714@MumbaiPolice
If D water on D roads is heading up to the level of your tyres, please abandon the car. Being on your 2 feet may be uncomfortable but safer
4:18 PM – Aug 29, 2017


If you still aren’t convinced that your life is indeed more precious than your car, watch this video we just stumbled across. Although this happened in Jaipur, the driver from the floating car is still missing after his efforts to climb out and get to safety went in vain. If you’re out there inside your car, hoping that water levels will subside and you’ll be able to drive back home, stop being too hopeful. Climb out now and get to safety on your feet.

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