Why the RC213V-S proves that Honda is dead in the litre class category

Why the Honda RC213V-S is proof that Honda doesn't care about its fans or its standing in the performance category


Honda RC213V-S MotoGP Replica

We were all rubbing our hands in glee and anticipation when we first heard about the MotoGP derived Honda RC213V-S. At long last, Honda seemed to be waking up from its decade long slumber, offering something which could hold its own against the likes of the S1000RR and the new R1. The prices and other details about the bike, however, have rendered it a painful shock to Honda fans worldwide. The reigning MotoGP champion seems to have come up with a bike which will cost you a bomb and earn you a trophy with the word Stupid inscribed over it. Let’s start with the numbers.

The RC213V-S in stock form will deliver an inexpressibly underwhelming 150 bhp – makes us wonder what that highly drummed up MotoGP derived tech is meant for. Almost every litre class superbike offers more power than that, substantially more in case of the leading models.  Heck, that power figure is less than what the stock CBR1000RR offers. What’s the big hubbub about, really?

So a deal cannot quite get any crappier than this, right? Seems like the ingenious folks at Honda have found a way! The US spec bike gets 101 bhp at 8000 rpm in stock trim. That’s less than your 600cc everyday workhorse. Hilarious!

Amazed? Wait till we tell you that the same bike will produce 70 PS for its Japan spec version. Go figure!


So that’s that about power. What’s going to make your eyes lose their sockets though, is the astronomical price for this piece of metal. At 1,88,000 euros (or an astounding Rs 1.35 crore!) the price is beyond the reach of almost everyone, so essentially this super expensive, underwhelming machine would embellish some filthy rich mortal’s drawing room as a trophy.  And what an epic achievement would that be for Honda as a brand!

There is an option of bumping up the power though. Shell out about 12,000 Euros (Rs 8.6 lakh) for the Sports Kit, and the output will go up to a dopamine drenched 215 bhp. Wow, so that solves the problem, right? Nope! For as soon as you get that piece of go-faster kit, your prized RC213V-S is no more road legal – you cannot use it on public roads anymore. So for Rs 1.44 crore in Europe you get a motorcycle that’s usable only on the racetrack. What’s more, Honda is not even offering a warranty on its product once you opt for the performance kit. The race kit is not even an option for the American customers, who are taken by Honda to be cash rich oafs.

We have witnessed Honda for long enough sitting lazily and doing nothing about every other bike maker – Japanese or European, sprinting ahead of it in sheer performance terms as far as the street motorcycles go. The world MotoGP champion is happy minting money manufacturing 100cc piddlers in India even as compatriot Kawasaki just refuses to stop amazing us.

The RC213V-S for a Honda fan boy is testimony to the Japanese bikemaker’s indifference to its fans’ expectations.

There’s one thing the RC213V-S does right, though. It makes the much, much cheaper 300 bhp Kawasaki H2R look monumentally glorious in comparison. And there couldn’t have been a better way to show Honda where it really stands.


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  • MethMan says:

    Hey Chengappa. The power is limited for road use because they have to comply with individual country’s noise and emission limits. Road legal Litre class bikes like the Fireblade are built from ground up to meet those limits while a GP machine is built for track purposes. Have you ever heard the factory Repsol Honda scream in the paddock? At full revvs you need to have a good ear plug to keep your ears working after the race. Japan has the strictest of laws for noise and hence why the RPM is limited to 6500rpm or thereabaouts while the 100hp US regulations limited model revs up to 8500 or something and the Euro reg limited 160(not 150 like ur idiotic article states) is limited to around 12000 rpm i think.
    Atleast get your facts right before you write articles on this roided up website.

    Finally, a GP replica is not competing with a Road replica otherwise known as the RRs. RRs are built from scratch to comply with Euro 3/4 norms whereas a GP replica is built for track purposes. This bike is limited by a rev limiter so it does not exceed noise regulations to be run on the road. The Desmo RR is not a true GP replica because Ducati built an all new engine to meet road regulations back then.
    Learn to differentiate between a litre class bike and a GP replica next time.

  • Hey Proto – thanks for the comment. But we’d appreciate if you kept your language within the civil parameters.
    Sure, the motorcycle will handle like a dream – its a MotoGP derived machine. We don’t however entirely agree with you about the bhp part. It does matter, and we do stand by our statement that 70PS from a near 200,000 Euro machine can never be justified. No amount of handling prowess will let that 70PS machine outrun any other litre class machine on the racetrack.

  • Proto says:

    What a dumb article. Hp??? You care about hp??? Hp doesn't do anything on a track. This is 215hp bike weighing under 360 pounds that handles telepathically. Hp isn't the only thing,this bike has the best handling ever possible on a street legal bike. H2r shouldn't even be compared to this bike.

  • Wish you have all the fun on that machine when you buy it brother. You have our best wishes!

  • MethMan says:

    This is an article from an Indian kid that cannot see the engineering aspect of a 60+ year old racing lineage from the manufacturer with the most GP wins in history. Indians only like to see spec sheet numbers and that’s all they care lol. I would really like to see the H2R take on a kitted RCV around any of the GP circuits and given the track records of the RCV1000R that this bike is, i doubt the H2R would touch any of the lap records unless the track had more straights than turns, like a drag strip xD