Video: Watch a 21-yr old lad negotiate the world’s most dangerous road on his mother’s Honda Activa

Karan Bir Singh, a 21-year old  college student hailing from Jalandhar, decided to negotiate the Killar-Kishtwar route on his mother’s Honda Activa 125.


The Killar-Kishtwar road in Jammu and Kashmir is right up there with Bolivia’s Death Road as one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Less of a road and more of a trail crudely cut into the side of intimidating mountains, the Khillar-Kishtwar road is a proper cliffhanger, where barriers are as non-existent as camels in the Siberian tundra. With a surface made out of loose rocks, gravel and sand, one wrong move from your oxygen starved, delusional brain can result in a sheer drop hundreds of feet below.

Then there are people like Karan Bir Singh (spoiledgeniuz). The 21-year old, an enthusiastic rider and a college student hailing from Jalandhar, decided to negotiate the route on his mother’s Honda Activa 125. Wait what!? Yes, that’s precisely what he did, by taking an automatic scooter built to do grocery runs to one of the world’s most treacherous and highest motor able roads. The scooter’s puny 125-cc engine was starved of air, and the tiny tires were horribly assaulted by the conditions, but still, it had to done.

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Braving inclement weather conditions, hardcore roads that are almost non-existent, the odd waterfall and mind bending drops, Karan and his beloved Activa not only conquered the Killar-Kishtwar road, but also the 4,420-metre-high Sach pass in Himachal Pradesh. Having started from Jalandhar, he was back home in just 72 hours after completing the Sach-Killar-Kishtwar circuit, which is a commendable feat. Not only that, but this feat makes him the only person who’s dared to ride on this circuit route on an auto geared two-wheeler.

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