Rumor: Ferrari to axe Raikkonen?

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Rumor has it that, Kimi Raikkonen might be given the pink slip, having failed to match his partner Fernando Alonso’s pace in the first half of the season. This move could be a repeat of Raikkonen’s exit from Ferrari, When the Italian team had to pay the Iceman millions to end his 2010 contract.

This time around too, Kimi is firmly under contract for this year as well as 2015 and is expected to be paid some $30 million, whether he is racing or not.

A Ferrari source added that, recalling the amount of money it cost Ferrari to oust Kimi the last time, they wont do it again.

We think it’s the car that needs improvement as neither Alonso nor Kimi are able to battle it out on the track, while teams like Williams and Force India, seem to be putting on an improved show with every passing race, while the Italians have looked like a very forgettable team.

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