VIDEO: This funny musical promo video from Roland Sands Design will crack you up on a Monday

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Roland Sands Design

Some commercials are pointless, while some of them are made so beautifully, they remain etched in your mind forever. We just stumbled upon one such promotional video that is jazzy, funky and funnily groovy. Made for Roland Sands Design, the folks behind this clip have webbed some funny lyrics around their products between some tire smoking, dirt sliding and wheelie riding.

Roland Sands Design1

It isn’t just the video, but also some of the art that has been applied to a few components that will win your heart and make you wish this musical tops the billboard. Perhaps one of the most entertaining, yet relevant promotional video we’ve come across in a long time. Lend a few minutes, will definitely bring around a smile on your face on a boring Monday. Make sure your earphones are on if listening during office hours.

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