Video: A scooter rider who shouldn’t have been alive

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All the wise cracks in this world will tell you that life never gives you a second chance. Yet there are people who exist among us who shouldn’t have been alive, especially when they narrate an experience where they took the flight to heaven but were deported back due to improper documentation. Thanks to modern times and the internet, sharing such incidences is rather easy these days. In this video, while a man is astride his motorcycle, his camera managed to shoot a cat of a man riding a scooter, who probably used 10 of his 9 lives to come out alive after this incident.

While the bloke whose camera was shooting this fiasco was himself about to enter a small gap between two trucks, better sense prevailed and he backed out. However, Superman riding a scooter behind him thought of himself as Vitaly from Madagascar 3 and decided to make a greasy attempt of squeezing himself between two super sized vehicles. In a miracle of sorts, he escaped what would’ve been his last ever stunt on the road. Watch the video and learn from his mistake.

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  • Andy says:

    Both are equally at fault and lucky too. The motorcyclist was fast and decided to quit his overtake attempt at the very last minute. He slowed down too fast and caught the scooter rider unawares. Scooterist should have been paying attention and wearing protection for sure (which he did not)

    Lesson for us: Be very aware of our ever changing surroundings, erratic drivers and riders.

    Let’s be safe than sorry. 🙂

  • Sid says:

    Gosh!! He escaped at least 6 set of truck wheels by a hairline gap. The scooters handle hooked (0:38) against the bike’s handlebar on the right hand side. Lucky biker, that he didn’t loose control after the hit to his handle bar.