Video: Meet the world’s fastest coffin carrier

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fastest hearse

There are only a few other things that replicate the sensation of speed, make you feel alive. Maybe there’s just one another thing that comes close when someone else is real close to you. However, what if someone feels the need to experience that rush, even when there isn’t any blood rushing through the head? So here’s someone who’s been paying heed to the needs of the departed and has been considerate enough to bring some much needed life to something as dead as a hearse. So much so, this fastest coffin carrier in the world might just resurrect a stationary heart beneath some neatly nailed wood.

This fastest hearse in the world, a 1996 Chevrolet Caprice, with a 6.0-liter turbocharged engine that generates 1000 hp, can go from 0-100 in 2.26 seconds. Called ‘Madness’, it has set a world record for its 9.94 second quarter mile run at 137.76 miles per hour. Arne Toman, the man behind this project, bought the 1996 Chevy and customized it in tribute to his favorite heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Proof enough that madness doesn’t die with a person’s death, it manages to find its way into a hearse and ensures a fitting farewell for all the times you kept it alive while you still were. Experiencing life after death suddenly has a new meaning.

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