Video: When John Abraham carried a motorcycle on his shoulders for real

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Popular actor, motorcycle aficionado and strong man John Abraham’s love for two wheels is well known. The man even has a fancy collection of bikes which grace his garage and has been often spotted riding on the streets of Bombay while on a late night spin. After popularizing the ‘Superbike’ through his movie Dhoom, in another flick, the actor was also seen picking up a motorcycle with his bare hands and throwing it towards the bad guy.


However, John Abraham has also repeated the act in real life during the promotion of his movie and although the motorcycle used is a spindly 100cc bike from the 90s, you’ve got to give it to the man for the genuine act. More so, he accomplished the little stunt without any cushioning on his shoulders and threw what he loves with his bare hands. Post the act, two men are seen picking up the bike in a demeanor to suggest that it really is heavy, while the actor later flexes his biceps. We know a lot of you will say that the bike probably had no fuel, a few men must’ve helped him pick it up on his shoulders and maybe it isn’t such a big deal to carry it like that once you start involving things like center of gravity and physics. But these older bikes hardly used any plastics, so we can confirm it must’ve been heavy.

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