VIDEO: This car commercial with no car in it delivers a very strong message

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We’re taking more than we give back. We’re plucking more than we grow. And the new found vigor within many countries’ space organizations makes you think, what are they hiding? Are they really looking for an alternative habitat for the human race? Well, we’ve all been guilty more or less and here’s a car commercial which amplifies that emotion even more.

Given the current situation, we really would have a lot to apologize to the next generation for the state we’d be handing over the reins of this planet in. We’ve already reached a point of no return, but all isn’t lost yet. We aren’t saying everybody should go out and buy Teslas. But take what you need, avoid wasting resources, be considerate, and share. Educate those who are unaware and do your bit. Because we still haven’t found an alternative that looks as blue as the Earth.

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