List: Top 5 ugliest bikes ever sold in India

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Some motorcycles just don’t have it their own way. What we have here is a list of some ugliest bikes that went on sale in India.

Yamaha Libero:


The first generation Yamaha Libero came out sometime in 2004 and has been receiving flak ever since. There wasn’t much wrong with the bike, except for that hideously ugly fairing which made people cringe every time they laid eyes on it. In fact, it was so ugly that Yamaha had to remove it and replace it with a play-safe round headlamp in the following generation model.

Yamaha Fazer 125:

yamaha fazer 125

In 2005, Yamaha India went ahead and outdid themselves again as far as ugly fairings go. The Yamaha Fazer  125’s bug-eyed front had some serious mutated alien insect stuff going on – probably even its own mother didn’t like it. Even the graphics were horrendous, especially the examples donning a peculiar toxic green paintwork.  Later, it was done away with and rechristened the Gladiator which bought some semblance back to the designs.

Kanda Mission and Brave:


Kanda who? Well, they were a bunch of clowns from China who thought of getting into the motorcycle manufacturing business armed with hammers, chisels and a severely underpaid design team. In India, they used to sell a couple of motorcycles that can be called forgettable at best. One was called the Brave and the other was termed the Mission- like, anyone cared. Both look like they were put together by bearded, loin-clothed men from the Stone Age.

Kinetic GF170 Laser:


Kinetic’s motorcycling days were pretty sad, and the GF170 Laser summed up that period pretty well. In an attempt to infuse the Laser with some amount of street cred, Kinetic lost the plot completely with that terribly proportioned half-fairing featuring a lacklustre twin headlamp setup. The twin-pod tail lamp setup looks hilarious and the less said about those side mirrors, the better.

Global Rock 100:


This bike doesn’t even have a complete frame! Global Auto, a part of some Xentis Group (India) and Guangzhou Motors Co. (China) got together and decided to serve the country with the cheapest bike available- at Rs. 19,990. We have no clue whether it’s still around, but no one’s bothered about some half framed bike that looks like some half-witted college kid’s science project. We hear these specimens are a hit in Pakistan. Ahem!

In case you are aware of any such atrocities, kindly feel free to share the same with us in the comments section below.

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