Why the KTM RC 390 will be the King of the performance hill for a long time to come

We list reasons why the KTM RC 390 and the Duke twins will continue to be the kings of the performance hill for a long time to come.

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Motorcycle manufacturers in India have evolved with changing consumer trends. From times when a 150 cc bike was eye candy and considered as a performance motorcycle, we now have commuter bikes slowly moving into that segment, the freshly launched Bajaj Discover 150 is an example, (Click here for the review). Motorcycling has transformed from being a task to an activity, many these days involve themselves in. A lot of us have realised that moving the soul is a far better experience than moving the body.

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The Duke twins changed the motorcycle scenario in India by a large extent, they are the only bikes after the RD350 to boast of some serious power, which has been made available to us at a price-point that is very difficult to match. The Duke 200 might have some competition, but the 390 is in a class of its own. Performance wise, nothing comes close if you don’t wish to spend anything more than Rs. 200,000 on a motorcycle. Not just that, if you have a buddy in some western country, you no longer have to feel shy sharing your ride experience, as those lawn mover jokes are now a thing of the past.

The KTM RC 390 has been launched. However, if you are in two minds about making that performance bike purchase, as you feel something new from Japan or elsewhere might just pop its head, stop right now. The rumored CBR 300, the Yamaha R25 and the Hero HX250 are still a long time away and there is nothing that we can foresee which will offer anywhere close to 43 heart pumping bhp’s in a package that entices you to ride just for kicks. There are unconfirmed reports about an adventure version to be launched as well, which will ensure people who make their own path will only smile inside their helmets when the going gets rough .


Bajaj and KTM in India are shooting the right birds, roasting them to perfection and presenting Michelin starred spread at the price of a happy meal. We hope the others take this as a challenge and give us that free toy in the form of an additional cylinder in their new product. Until then, the Duke of Powerburgh will reign supreme.

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  • Agniva says:

    I believe yamaha can achieve that too…So can Honda..but they need to abandon ckd and cbu routes… They need India made!! 🙂 I'm happy with the low price maintenance of the 390..Its like having a pulsar in comparison with my previous bullet. :p .. My friend with a hyosung gtr unfortunatel first spent a fortune to purchase the bikr and now spends enormous amounts to service it..tch tch..Cheers… Hope things change..