Interview: Rakesh Malhotra, Founder & Chairman, Luminous

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As we reported yesterday, Luminous, the well known power back-up brand has ventured into the battery market with its new products for cars and bikes. We were a bit curious about the product, and wanted to know why it was different. So we decided to have a one-to-one with the founder and chairman of the company, Mr Rakesh Malhotra. Hear the man talk about the latest product from his $500 million company.

1.    What are the advantages offered by Luminous (both car and bike batteries) over competitors?

The Luminous range of ELECTRA & START Batteries are powered by proprietary AGCA technology. Apart from being factory charged and ready to use, these batteries come with the assurance of longer, trouble free performance, year after year. These automotive batteries are technologically superior yet easy on pocket, factory charged and maintenance free.

2.    Are there any innovations on these batteries which are currently unavailable on other brands?

The proprietary AGCA technology used in these batteries is the most futuristic innovation being incorporated into any battery across the industry. Our batteries are tough and have durable separator for extended operation, high corrosion resistance, immediate start, brightest light, extra power conservation, prevention against acid spillage, to name a few. These batteries optimise energy supply in addition to back-up for vehicle accessories.

3.    What’s the life of these batteries?

Approximately 3 years depending on the usage.

4.    How much is the price difference over a well established brand, such as, say Amaron?

Price points : Electra – Rs. 2895 to Rs. 4595 (warranty from 1 to 1.5 years) and Start – Rs. 2495 to Rs. 2695 (1 year warranty), where as amaron batteries are around 4000-5000 with 2 years warranty.

5.    How readily is the battery available across India? How many dealers have been appointed?

We are working to make the same available across India. Apart from utilising our existing channel network to market these world class batteries, we are also quite aggressive when it comes to new channel development with focus on developing distributer and dealer network specifically for these new offerings. Same is expected to be in place within a year or so.

6.    What are the volumes / numbers the company plans to do with the new products?

Any projections on market share aspired? – We estimate the group’s incremental revenue figures to be 10% approx in a span of three years from now.

7.    Does the company plan to get into any new segments?

Currently the focus is on stand-alone battery market and the replacement market. But we are working towards enhancing our capacity to cope with the industrial demand and we are very much willing to be associated with any of the auto and two-wheeler majors OEM supplier say in one to two years down the line.  Our key focus has always been technology innovation and value ads for our customers. With the launch of Luminous automotive and motorcycle batteries, we are confident to repeat the same success story that we have created for our inverter and other battery segments. The Indian consumer is always looking for value for money products and so without compromising with the quality and performance, we still provide easy on pocket products to our customers.

8.    Expansion plans – exports?

Since we are a relatively new player in the segment we are not looking at the overseas market as of now, but we will for sure do the same in the future, say three or four years down the line.