Four-Wheeler Sales Analysis for July 2014

We bring for you an in-depth analysis of the sales figures posted by various carmakers present in the Indian auto-market for the month of July 2014.

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Here is our analysis of the sales figures posted by various four-wheeler manufacturers for the month of July 2014. In comparison to the two-wheeled scenario, the four wheeler companies have witnessed turbulent weather. There is no clear cut trend, as some have grown and others have slipped.Four-Wheeler Sales Figures for July 2014


Maruti-Suzuki continues to reign over all the other manufacturers in the Indian market. The company has cornered a lion’s share of the sales pie. It has even posted strong growth when it comes to comparing the figures posted in the same month for the previous year. Maruti-Suzuki sold a total of 90,093 units in the month of July 2014. This is a steep increase compared to the figure of 75,145 units accounted in the month of July, 2013. Maruti-Suzuki’s vast network of customer touch points across India make it a force to be reckoned with.

Maruti-Suzuki Sales Figures for July 2014

The might of Maruti-Suzuki is not comprehensible from the graphs above, but from the fact that it’s sales figures are more-than-thrice of the sales figures posted by its closest competitor. Hyundai, coming a distant second, has sold 29,620 units in the month of July 2014. This is a modest increase over the figure of 25,965 units sold by the South Korean carmaker in the same month of the previous year. While Hyundai has been doing a decent job, we feel it will need more than just going all guns blazing to conquer Maruti-Suzuki. And it isn’t gonna happen anytime soon!

Hyundai Sales Figures for July 2014

Now, the third place is a closely contested one. We have three manufacturers locking horns in a tripartite struggle. For the month of July 2014, it is Honda that has emerged victorious by pipping Ford. Mahindra isn’t too far behind either. Honda registered sales of 15,709 units. It is a healthy increase over the 11,220 unit sales they clocked in the month of July 2013. And let us also not forget to mention that Honda has accomplished this without having a presence in the two blockbuster segments : Entry-Level Hatchback and Compact SUV.

Most of Honda’s success has been built around by the City and the Amaze sedans. When they decide to unleash their might in the above-mentioned two segments, they will cause quite an upset in the pecking order.

Honda Sales Figures for July 2014


Ford isn’t too far behind Honda, though. In July 2014, Ford clocked sales of 15,282 units. In the same month of previous year, they had registered 12,338 unit sales. The demand for EcoSport and Figo has been pushing growth for Ford India. We do know that Ford India is a global hub for the MNC, and it also accrues for a major share of exports. Data shows that while Ford’s domestic sales have decreased, the exports have soared. The domestic sales has fallen slightly to 7,592 units from 7,867 units in the months of July 2014, and 2013 respectively. The exports have soared dramatically from 4,471 units in July 2013 to 7,690 units in July 2014.

Ford Sales Figures for July 2014

Mahindra is the manufacturer among the trio that has witnessed a fall in its sales figures. From 15,530 unit sales in July 2013, it has slipped to 14,708 unit sales in July 2014. While the decline may seem insignificant at first, it might snowball into a larger issue if not stemmed. Mahindra hasn’t updated its portfolio since long, and has been banking on model refurbishes till 2015. If they don’t unleash completely new models soon, they might take a beating.

Mahindra Sales Figures for July 2014

After Mahindra comes Toyota. The Japanese giant might be a behemoth when it comes to worldwide sales, but it sure does find the going tough in the Indian market. Lacklustre models combined with pathetic marketing have pushed it to the lower rungs. So it doesn’t come as a surprise when they register a fall in sales. From 14,470 unit sales in July 2013, they have fallen to 13,847 units in July 2014. If they do have a model that lights up amidst this gloom, it is the Toyota Fortuner!

Toyota Sales Figures for July 2014

And the languishing phase for Tata Motors continues! Infact it gets worse. In July 2014, they feel below 10,000 unit sales. They also posted a decline, like they have been doing for months now. From 10,824 units in July 2013, they have reduced themselves to 9,167 units in July 2014. All their hopes are pinned on the launch of the Zest sedan. The decline isn’t a surprise, as Tata Motors have been peddling inferior quality models at lower prices for decades now. It was only the entry of foreign manufacturers that led to the realisation.

Tata Sales Figures for July 2014

General Motors too has witnessed a similar fate. The tryst of General Motors with the Indian market goes way back in history. But when it comes to the script, it remains unchanged. The company has been struggling in the face of a multitude of manufacturers presenting a plethora of choices to the consumer. And they have not just fallen this time, they have fallen hard! From 6,503 units in July 2013, they are down to 4,703 units in July 2014.

GM Sales Figures for July 2014

The surprise of the month has been penned by Nissan. Data shows that they have recorded a whopping growth of about 135%! Rising from the pit at 1,226 units in July 2013, they have more than doubled to a sales figure of 2,913 units in July 2014. Nevertheless, the numbers do not paint the complete picture. The truth is that they still languish at the bottom of the manufacturer list. And the doubling of the sales figures has got to do with the inclusion of Datsun brand under the Nissan umbrella.

Nissan Sales Figures for July 2014


While this is not the complete list of manufacturers, it does paint a picture about the four-wheeled scenario. The truth is that there is absolutely no certain trend when it comes to four-wheeler sales. Manufacturers like Honda that have placed the consumers at their centerstage have been rewarded, whereas others have struggled.

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