Five Ways To Make Your Old Car Look Cool Again

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If you love your current car, which is fast showing its age, and don’t wish to let go of the memories racked up on its odometer, here are some budget friendly ways you could make use of to give your car a fresher look.


Personalize your car with tasteful, subtle decals

Decals are highly customizable, can cater to the needs of the designer perfectly and have been popular amongst the masses since decades. Getting some custom made decals pasted at specific parts such as the front fender can instantly give your aging car a cooler vibe. Decals can range from being simple slogans to stunning graphics, the possibility is endless and that’s why it should be high on the options list of anyone who’s looking at sprucing up the visuals of his old car. The price associated with this little alteration isn’t too high either.

Swap out your dusty stock wheels for alloy wheels.

Nothing makes a car look sportier and unique than a set of alloy wheels. For example, a set of nicely done sporty black alloys works almost every time to lift the visual appeal of a car. Along with this modification, one could also choose to repaint their brake calipers in a contrasting color to make the whole setup pop. If at all you are happy with the set of wheels that come fitted as standard, you can always opt for a respray with your choice of colour to make them all look fresh.


Make the exhaust tips pop 

All entry level cars come with a standard bent-down exhaust tip that hides behind the rear bumper and never really comes into notice. This can be changed with the help of aftermarket exhaust tips. A wide variety of exhaust tips are available in the market to choose from, although they could be limited to some brands. It should be noted that the change in the exhaust tip wouldn’t make your car sound beefier, but would certainly catch the attention of the blokes staring at its rump.


Give the rear of your dreary car some spoiler wings

Even though spoilers are meant for generating high levels of downforce at staggering speeds, people have an uncanny affection towards such protruding wings and wish to have them on the back of their cars. Whether you own a sedan or a hatchback, there are custom spoilers available for every kind of car model. Where a deck spoiler can make your sedan look sportier and aggressive, a roof spoiler can make your hatchback get confused with a rally-cross machine and make others around you feel a bit less important.



Get your car wrapped

Car wrapping is the latest trend that has caught on with both car manufacturers and the enthusiasts. Cheaper than getting fresh paint sprayed on, wrapping can be done at almost half the cost depending on the design, material, and colour you choose to get your car wrapped in. Wrapping is diverse in its application and can be done to any part of the car, be it individually or together.

Got some tips of your own to infuse new life in an old workhorse? Share them with us here, so everyone could benefit. 

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