Five Important Cabin Features Mainstream Cars Must Offer

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Cars these days offer so many things which elevate occupants’ convenience and comfort. We’ve come a long way from cassette players to connected-car features, yet, a lot of these modern machines out there still skimp on the basics.

These aren’t features for which these companies need to invest in R&D or pay hefty sums to suppliers. These are basics which are/were already offered on many mainstream examples but are missing for some reason on currently popular vehicles. These features go a long way in making the driving experience and journeys more convenient and comfortable.

One-touch up/down power windows

2014 Volkswagen Polo GT TDI (325)

For cars which offer power windows, there’s a motor inside to wind the windows already. There’s a switch too. The only thing which needs to be added is another switch or device which keeps the circuit connected at a single flick of the switch until the glass has completely one up or down. Many mainstream cars offer this feature only for the driver’s side. And most only allow the window to go either up or down on its own. Many feel the Polo is dated, yet, it offers this convenience for all its four windows.

Rear Seat Armrest

New Renault Captur rear seat space (1)

The rear seat backrest on most mainstream cars is generally a flat surface which has no contours to arrest the occupant’s sideways movement. During longer journeys, it then becomes akin to sitting on a chair with no arms while someone’s rocking it from side-to-side. Unlike front passengers who can rest their arm on the driver-side armrest or the window sill, the rear window sill is quite high in most cars and unless there’s an armrest, rear passengers are left hunting for support.

Height-adjustable Front Seats

new 2015 Ford Figo seat height adjust

There are some who like to be seated low while driving to feel like they can communicate with the controls and the chassis better. On the other hand, some like to be seated high to feel like they’re in proper command of the car. All of us are not of the same height either. So a height-adjustable seat goes a long way in helping the driver achieve that desired driving position. Things become even better when the steering wheel offers adjustment for reach. Inside most mainstream cars, the front passenger seat doesn’t allow any adjustment for height, but if they do, it will only add to the comfort quotient.

Rear Backrest Split

Tata Nexon rear seat split

Imagine a situation where you need to carry something that’s quite tall and it won’t fit into your car’s boot unless a part of it extends into the cabin when placed longitudinally. Or you have more luggage than the boot can carry and three occupants are a part of the journey. In such a situation, the split-folding rear backrest is a god-discovered idea because if the entire backrest folds as one solid unit, you can either carry loads of luggage and two passengers or the extra luggage becomes an oddly-placed fourth occupant.

Extendable sun visors

Extendable sun visor

Designing and fitting a sun visor which extends along the rod which it stays on is a very simple thing. If not that, embedding a tiny flap which slides out horizontally or vertically when required isn’t a big deal either. The sun visors which are offered on most mainstream cars do none of the above and although they do manage to block the sun when it’s trying to blind the driver through the windscreen, these visors are of no use when the sunlight’s coming through the side window.

Tinted Glass

Skoda Kodaiq RS Window line

The ban on all kinds of tints has made the clear glass fitted on our cars act as heat amplifiers which turn the cabin into a pre-heated oven which is ready to bake buns. Some cars offer UV-resistant glass which is mildly tinted and does help in keeping the cabin relatively cooler. Since it’s factory-fitted and legal, there’s no film for the cop to scratch and fine the driver.

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