Custom Car Audio : Weapon Of Mass Destruction

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As car owners we all love to have a nice audio system which matches our music. Sure we all see young bunches of guys who go a step further and add two sub woofers and a high end audio system whose bass reaches the windows of the houses the car passes through. The video we are sharing today is something you have not seen till now. We are talking of a 2001 Model of Chevy Tahoe with a system made by Steve Meade Designs custom car audio shop empowering an astonishing 30,000-watt. The whole audio system is made of four 18-inch subwoofers, powered by a total of 13 amplifiers and 26 small speakers which includes 10 6.5 inch mids and 10 one inch tweeters.

With so much of power generated by this massive music system comprising of all the high end audio system, it can actually shred a whole phone book not one but infact two of them. How does it do it? Well that’s for you to see

Just in case you are using earphones the bass is a little too powerful.

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