Celebrating India’s 68th Independence day, Motoroids style

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“Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially. At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long supressed, finds utterance. It is fitting that at this solemn moment we take the pledge of dedication to the service of India and her people and to the still larger cause of humanity.”

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That is an excerpt from “Tryst with Destiny”, a speech made by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of independent India, to the Indian Constituent Assembly in The Parliament, on the eve of India’s Independence, towards midnight on 14 August 1947. Motoroids’ tryst with destiny started on a 15th of August too, the year was 2009. At the stroke of that midnight, we awakened to life and freedom and started on our unending quest to quench our thirst, the thirst to breathe in a naturally aspirated manner.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (348)

68 years is a long time, half a decade can’t be measured on a clock either. To celebrate these free revving times that have gone by and in anticipation of even better days which will follow, we decided to embark on a little journey. Two Quadruped species from Germany and a Bi-pedal extra-terrestrial from Japan joined us.

Motoroids-Independence-day-Drive-1Route-600x450 Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 Ed (3) Motoroids Independence Day Drive (241)

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (23)

The plan was to leave the City of Bombay (It was still called Bombay back then) at the crack of dawn with our German henchmen and liaise with the Martian on two feet in Pune. Little did we know, we weren’t the only ones with a plan like that. Leaving the city behind was a task, as we encountered a sea of like-minded people headed in the same direction. Our German friends ensured we were cocooned in luxury, pampered in opulence and soaked in patriotism, as they carried a crisp audio system, which kept our morale high throughout the campaign. They took the lead as we fought our way through the herd.

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As we reached Pune, our Japanese comrade was ready with all his gear to march forward with us. Our procession hit another roadblock, as we were leaving town to spread our message across some sleepy hamlets. We encountered some British machinery on our way, which surprisingly was also soaking in the festive atmosphere. Shortly after leaving the town behind, we came across some rough patches where the Germans shined, as they deployed their special weapon called ‘Quattro’ to dismiss anything which came in our way.

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (20)

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 Ed (2)

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (264)

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (229)

The convoy then proceeded towards the picturesque hills of ‘Tamhini’ from where we intended to come out behind the Amby Valley air-field. Our comrades, who had the capability to fly, were itching to get to take-off speeds. On our way we came across people who went numb, looking at our battle ready ‘Martian’, while some just felt overjoyed to witness German sheen in movement.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (338) Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (2)

As we halted at a little rendezvous point, all of us took a moment to stop and appreciate the brilliance of our chariots against the backdrop of vistas, which cannot be found anywhere else, but only here, in a country we call India. The place was surrounded by cliffs which were peppered with clouds and probably had an atmosphere of its own.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (383)Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (10)

As we started to find our way back to civilization, heavy mist engulfed us. However, clear in our minds to rise above it and with a strong resolute to enhance and make ourselves worthy of this great country, we marched forward.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (21)

As we found our way back into the city, we realised how freedom isn’t just a word. It is in the air we breathe, the things we do and the thoughts we imagine. Motoroids isn’t just a medium to keep you connected to your passion, we’d like if anybody reading this realises the true meaning of freedom, which is in being a better Indian, a better citizen, a better neighbour and a better you, and for the free revving species that we are today, take a bow to remember those who sacrificed their blood and bones, so we could save ours to contribute in building this nation.

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About the machinery which accompanied us

The Audi A6 and the Q5

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (40)

The German gentlemen we are talking about here are the Audi A6 and the Audi Q5 with a 3.0L TDI engine under their hoods. The motor produces an identical 241 bhp in both the cars, while torque figures are on the higher side for the taller Audi at 580 Nm, 80 more than the A6. Both the cars had the capability to push the occupants back in their seats, if things got too patriotic in the cabin. When the traffic eased out on the Mumbai-Pune expressway, the cars kept leaping like they were shot out of a canon, but the occupants never could tell the actual speed, unless someone noticed the smile on the drivers face and glanced at the speedometer. Both the Germans cornered as if on rails and the ‘Quattro’ system made us feel the tyres were glued to the tarmac. It was surprisingly the A6 though, which was the car to be seated in, even on broken roads, where the air-suspension simply flattened everything that came in its way. However, the machine of choice to drive on those roads had to be the Q5.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (334)

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (225)

The A6 and the Q5 both came with sun roofs, the one on the Q5 though was large enough to open a planetarium inside the car. Quad-zone air-conditioning ensured we were all supremely comfortable in our own individual atmospheres. The LED headlights on the A6 were at the centre of all attention, wherever the car went, whereas for the Q5, the fact that it was an Audi and an SUV, was enough for people to put their thumbs up. Both the cars came equipped with driving modes, which changed the character of the cars completely, from being a gentleman’s express to a gentleman’s racer.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (310)

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (245)

As we were making our way back into the city, the subtle ambient lighting in the cabin, the crisp sounding Bose audio system and the supremely comfortable leather seats made us sit back and appreciate the serenity and the calm of the night through the transparent roof. By the end of the journey, all of us agreed in unison, to conclude that the cars were indeed catalysts in heightening our feeling of Independence that day.

The Kawasaki Z 1000

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (27)

 If we at Motoroids were asked to find the alien predator hiding in the Amazon jungle, this is the machine we would take with us, to make the alien feel at home and not start shooting at us. The Kawasaki Z1000 doesn’t look like it has been designed by a human; computers aren’t as advanced to design such stuff either. This outlandish and outstanding motorcycle turned so many heads; people made us stop and clicked pictures of the bike. We aren’t making this up, but a driver of an SUV got so distracted clicking the motorcycle, the car ended up in a ditch, while it was doing 5 kmph inching forward in traffic.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (311)

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (301)

The Z 1000 puts down all of its 140 bhp on the tarmac, without any electronic aids cutting in, it doesn’t have them, doesn’t need them. As we dumped the clutch to leave the traffic behind, the growl from the exhaust made some of the folks search the sky for an unidentified object. The upright stance and the refined engine meant the Martian could keep up with the Germans quite comfortably. People expected to see a hairy chested, heavily built, known face to be behind the handlebar, but they were rather surprised to see one of our jovial colleagues when the helmet came off. The motorcycle looks intimidating and sounds like a ‘Cumulonimbus’ bursting all at once, but the way it puts the power down, has to be experienced to be believed.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (227) Motoroids Independence Day Drive (297)

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (233)

motoroide team independence day 2014

We’d like to thank Audi and Kawasaki India with all our hearts for making this Independence day special and memorable for all of us and all those who were overawed just witnessing three examples of exemplary engineering pass them by.

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Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (33)

We caught the ‘Predator’ in a dense forest, it wasn’t shooting at us, we were!

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (41)

Our German friends.

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (31)

LED fight

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (18)

A bike that fell from the sky during a ‘Thunderstorm’.

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (16)

A red devil comes across another in green.

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (11)

The perfect motorcycle to ride when one has to clear the mist within.

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (9)

LED, aage hi nahin, peeche bhi.

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (3)

The ‘Z’ logo looks like a lightning bolt if you tilt your head to the left. Packs a lot of it inside.

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 (6)

Motoroids with a meteoroid and two quattroids

Motoroids Independence day drive 2014 Ed (3)

They all queued up to pay a toll for their Independence on the road.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (381)

I’ll see you again when the stars fall from the sky and the moon has turned red over one tree hill.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (359)

A visionary with a vision so scary.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (348)

It takes three to tango.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (327)

Rock On!!

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (315)

Goes like Stink in a straight line.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (312)

The Audi A6 is what the Z1000 would look like, if it had to disguise itself in a sharp suit.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (308)

None of the occupants in both the cars felt the grass is greener on the other side.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (310)

Ride height can be increased on the A6, so you capture the car in such places.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (304)

The Q5 feels at home in such environs.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (300)

Kim Kardashian from another planet.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (294)

Its a different atmosphere inside the Audis.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (291)

Wonder if a trials bike can make it to the top.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (93)

Different driving modes in the Audis.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (90)

Some roads in our country can take you back to 1947.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (53)

Patriotism was in the air.

Motoroids Independence Day Drive (17)

We take that seriously and you should too.

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