BMW i8 in lime green? That’s just fantastic!

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The BMW i8 has been one of the most talked about cars made by BMW; Or for that matter, by any one. With its unique plug-in hybrid technology which is backed up by a 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol motor, the i8 is at the cutting edge of vehicle dynamics and efficiency. Tagged as a sportscar and a Grand Tourer at the same time, the BMW i8 offers futuristic styling, futuristic technology and a top speed of 260 km/h. Acceleration time to 100 km/h from a standstill, is dispatched in under 4.5 seconds and despite all that, the car delivers on some impressive fuel economy.


Scissor-doors never go out of fashion.

The standard BMW i8 is an awesome car, but what amazed us about this particular example, is its colour. This lime green i8 was parked at a BMW dealership in the emirates of Abu Dhabi. What looks more like a wrap, than a paint, this i8 seems to be carrying it off very well. Look closely and you will notice the parking sensors at the front of the car cannot be seen, that’s because the wrap-job covered them up! They might still function, except for the fact that now you can’t see them. Is it an intended consequence of the wrap or lousy workmanship? We don’t know and we might as well couldn’t care, less. Because the end result looks absolutely ravishing!


All the colours go so well, together. And the design just makes it all, irresistible!

The i8 is such a runaway success for the Bavarians, that they can’t seem to make them quick enough. The present waiting period to procure one is 18 months! Of course, that doesn’t stop the impatient and the filthy rich from splurging even more to get theirs sooner. A man in California, USA, recently coughed up an extra $100,000 (Rs. 62 lakh) to get quicker delivery of his BMW i8. To put that into perspective, he paid the equivalent of a brand new 5-Series saloon!


Wish we could afford one. Sigh!

BMW is planning on ramping up the production of the i8 to meet the “unexpectedly” high customer demand. Don’t you fool us with that, BMW. You knew all along that the i8 is going to be a success, cheeky Bavarians. Anyway, tell us what you think about this amazing car and especially, this lime green example.

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