Audi reveals its sexy Prologue Concept: Previews new design language

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Audi Prologue Concept  (9)

With the prologue concept unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Audi have just taken the wraps off their new design language. The sharp, sexy full-size sedan is a good indication of how the future Audi cars are going to look like. And if the Prologue is the template, Audi’s design future is bright as the sun.

The prologue concept will most likely adopt the Audi A9 nameplate in its production form, of course with those extreme exterior and interior design elements having been toned down suitably. Along with the A8 sedan and the A7 Sportback, the A9 coupe will sit at the top of the Audi food chain and compete with the likes of the S-Class Coupe.

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Audi Prologue Concept  (8)

The prologue concept is the handiwork of Audi’s new design chief, Marc Lichte. With the new concept, Audi is taking a slight aberration from its well-defined design philosophy. ‘Sharper’ is the one word that instantly comes to mind.

The Prologue concept features a wider, sharper grille extending more towards the bumper’s flanks. The new grille is also relatively low-set to emphasize the sporty intents of the car. The angular, somewhat wedge-shaped laser headlights add significantly to sinister face. Lower flanks of the front bumper sink in to scoop air in, and appear somewhat like integrated wings.

Audi Prologue Concept  (3)

An exceedingly clean, yet muscular and well characterized side profile is a work of sheer genius, and is complemented well by those sleek ORVMs. The 10×2 spoke wheels are quite complex in design, though we love the way they look. A strong belt line, strong haunches and sculpted wheel arches make the Prologue’s profile exude power and assertiveness.

The sporty rear is defined by the slim LED light running across the width and connecting the two tail-lamps. Twin trapezoidal exhaust pipes, integrated with the rear diffuser element look really nice. The Prologue’s derriere is inspired by yachts, and is angled forward to suggest speed.

Audi Prologue Concept  (2)

The interior seems to have been designed by Apple. We can’t see any buttons on the dashboard – there are some on the steering wheel and the door panels though, much to the old-timers delight. Instrument console comprises of a hi-resolution display, while a pixel rich, high quality touch-screen display runs across the entire dashboard. The benefit of the display extending all the way to the passenger’s seat is that he can set certain things up, and then serve it ready to the driver with the swipe of a finger. For example, the passenger can set a route on the sat-nav and swipe it to be used by the driver.

Audi Prologue Concept  Interior (1)

Powering that spaceship on wheels is a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 which already propels a variety of Audi and Bentley cars. Power output is boosted up, though, at 605bhp. Torque output is a locomotive like 700Nm. Transmission duties are taken care of by an eight-speed automatic transmission and Quattro all-wheel drive. 0-100km/h is claimed at a fast 3.7 seconds. There are 20-inch carbon-ceramic brake discs to bring this leviathan to a halt.

Do you like this sharp, sexy luxury liner? We do. But in any case, we’d love hear your thoughts and opinions about the new car. Do drop a line via comments

Audi Prologue Concept  Interior (2)
Audi Prologue Concept  Interior (1)
Audi Prologue Concept  (11)
Audi Prologue Concept  (10)
Audi Prologue Concept  (9)
Audi Prologue Concept  (8)
Audi Prologue Concept  (7)
Audi Prologue Concept  (6)
Audi Prologue Concept  (5)
Audi Prologue Concept  (3)
Audi Prologue Concept  (2)
Audi Prologue Concept

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