Yamuna Expressway inaugurated. Two wheelers allowed. No toll charges till Aug 15

| August 10, 2012 | 55 Comments

This development would surely excite a lot of motorists up in the north of the country. The much publicized Yamuna Expressway, a 165-km six-lane freeway, was inaugurated yesterday. This freeway should enable the travellers to cover the distance between New Delhi and Taj Mahal in just two and a half hours! As expected, users would have to pay toll fees for the usage of the new freeway. Toll would be collected from the cars at the rate of Rs. 2.10/km. Toll booths have been positioned at 38 km, 95 km and 150 km from Greater Noida. 

Unlike the Mum-Pune expressway, which is closed to two wheelers, the Yamuna Expressway is open to two wheelers for a toll charge of Rs 150. While this is surely a good news for every bike enthusiast out there, we wonder how well wlll the ‘not-so-capable’ 100cc bikes co exist with the high speed traffic. What do you feel?   

Jaypee Group, the builders of the Yamuna Expressway, has decided to give a six-day free ride to the users of the expressway and hence, charge no toll till August 15.



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  1. Yatharth Chauhan says:

    Yeah….you are right….they have borrowed a lot from the sibling

  2. A few months of two-wheeler's co-existing with bigger vehicles, on a super fast highway will provide data if the decision to ban two-wheeler's from Pune-Mumbai & Baroda-Ahmadabad e-ways is correct or not.
    To make data more realistic, I just hope it also rains nicely. :)

  3. not so capable 100cc. there are bigger capacity bikes in the country, ask me ill do 100 non stop on it (on a 150 though).. But yes many wont.. Then again nor do all other vehicles that are allowed maintin speed.. Though seriously wish that road was nearer to me, would love to blast down it..

  4. Ameya Bothara says:

    Have you seen the way 2 wheelers whiz in and out on roads in metros and our cities?
    Would u like to be on one where a Fortuner or a Safari are cruising at 160kmph and suddenly overtake you? Or consider this, you are IN the Safari at 160kmph and a biker is suddenly comes in front of you in the third lane!

  5. Neither are all 2-wheeler riders at fault nor are all 4-wheeler drivers innocent.

    As a user of both 2-wheeler & 4-wheeler, I have seen the good and bad of both sides.

  6. Navendu Singh As a user of both 2-wheeler & 4-wheeler, I have both good and the bad :P

    • Rohit Shahi says:

      brother lets not underestimate the riders….
      lets respect both of them…
      1.what riders(bikes) can do,cars cannot do that…
      2.what drivers(cars) can do,bikes cannot do that…


  7. Akshay Saini says:

    @Ameya Bothara,Fortuner may be,but none of the indian SUV's are meant to cruise at 160.

  8. If most truckers today can display exemplary common sense and intelligence with their lane discipline and how they try not to hog the fast lane, there is no reason why similar sensibility cannot prevail amongst two-wheeler riders. At the end of the day, we will have everything from invisible medians to huge combine harvesters to watch out for on this new stretch as well, so it all eventually comes down to motoring responsibility. Not our country's greatest trait, sadly.

  9. Delhi superbikers would be jumping in excitement ;).

  10. Woohoo…. and sadly Woe… Coz I think that the Immense Indian Strategy of Non-Strategic Riding Sense might Prevail. and probably due to a few Faulty Idiots, the Whole Biking Fraternity, might suffer…
    All I can think of right now, is if the Yamuna E'way allow only Fully Armored, Riders. Now seeing that only the guys with proper suits are the ones, who have some sense of highway riding on bikes, they might be able to handle the pressures of an E'way Ride. Other Doodhwallas, and 5+1Family Members on on bike, should not be allowed to start on the freeway,.. I hope that Sense Prevails, but then again I am asking for a Miracle.

  11. You forgot the cattle and the street dogs :D

  12. I am not agree with the two-wheeler's less then 500 CC on the Yamuna Expressway. Even in the other countries also they wont even allow two-wheeler's which are less then 500 CC. If they allow it also then that causes so much accidents on Yamuna Expressway.

  13. Aniket Gawde says:

    I wish I could be there before 15th………………….

  14. 2 wheelers Sharing an E-way with 4 Wheelers is Hazardous. Driving a 4 wheeler on Mumbai – Pune -way itself needs a lot of concentration with faster cars zooming pat the left lane.

  15. Bikes should be banned or given a separate dedicated lane!!

  16. Anuj Goyal says:

    2 wheelers would cause havoc be prepared for lot of accidents!

  17. Anuj Goyal says:

    i am a bike enthusiast still own 3 bikes but trust me i see it on NH 8 daily, two wheeler are not allowed still they make it and overtake left, right, center putting there and everybody else's life on risk

  18. Anuj Goyal says:

    and you expect them from the villagers around the e-way? the same ppl who plan to block it!! we need stricter laws

  19. Gaurav Jain says:

    is cycle permitted?

  20. Gaurav Jain says:

    thanks. Whats AFAIK?

  21. Dogs might make it..but the cattle will be kept at bay as it is an elevated expressway. Also the toll rates might keep the doodhwala's off the stretch..for that much money, he can buy a litre of petrol and travel the extra distance.

  22. so the bikes also have to pay toll ?

  23. Then you should also ask the govt. to bring down the import duties on high end bikes so that many biker's out there can afford it…….. or else leave it the way it is….

  24. Indoriya Arjun says:

    realy.. I am so happy.. first afoul its is amusing yamuna exprexx highway,..
    ek tym tha agra jane ke lia sochna padta tha,,, bt aaj sochte sochte hum agra ja sakte hai…..

  25. Indoriya Arjun says:

    ek tym tha agra jane ke lia sochna padta tha,,, bt aaj sochte sochte hum agra ja sakte hai…..

  26. Thanks! Finding an empty open road here in india is almost impossible. LOl

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