Popular talk show host Jay Leno gets himself a Tata Nano. Welcomes it in Bollywood style

Popular TV star and a renowned auto enthusiast has finally got himself the much talked about Tata Nano.
Jay Leno decided to bring this car to his garage in a very Bollywood style and brought some bollywood dancers to welcome the car. He himself was seen dressed in a Sherwani.

Jay Leno’s garage includes about 200 cars and 90 motorcycles with this ‘tri-color’ edition of the Tata Nano to be the latest to find a home in his garage. We are eagerly waiting for Jay Leno’s review of the new car. Tata Nano is surely going places. No?


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  1. Suddenly I have a bit more respect for nano now…

  2. Ruchir Pareek says:

    Thats not a good thing bro. What if jay leno marries rakhi sawant tomorrow. :-

  3. But dude nano already had a sweet spot for being the most affordable car we must not compare it with a skank i think…besides jay leno will never run out of sillicon goddesses so we dnt have to worry about him marrying rakhi.

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