And now, a 1000cc V-twin Enfield for you!

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Carberry Enfield Cafe Racer Model

For all you Royal Enfield ‘Bullet’ fans, here is something that you have been dreaming about – a V-twin Enfield. The Carberry Enfield is a Royal Enfield Bullet powered by the Carberry 55 degree V-twin 1070cc engine putting out 45 horses. Carberry is an Australian company which is into modifying engines and have been working on creating a V-twin for this bike with British bloodline. They seem to have met with success lately as they have started taking orders for this bike now.

Carberry Enfield Touring

Carberry Enfield Touring model

The V-twin is confined only to the RE body though and is available to be fitted on some other bike models as well. The idea of a 1000cc V-twin Enfield was conceived by Paul Carberry and brought to life by Paul and Ian Drysdale. The team wanted to create a “classic” style 1000cc British V-Twin utilizing as many standard Royal Enfield parts as possible. The target was to create a nice handling torquey cruiser bike with British pedigree at a rasonable price point. The engine and the rest of the engineering changes were made in such a manner that the maintenance costs were kept to the lowest possible levels with a worldwide availability of spare parts. The standard Enfield primary drive cover has been retained. The Enfield clutch is “beefed up” and a bigger engine sprocket is fitted to utilise the extra performance of the V-twin. The bike is available in Cruiser, Café Racer and Standard avatars, and the company is ready to take orders. We are not sure whether they are taking overseas orders, but it definitely doesn’t cost anything to try your luck by visiting this site and checking out for yourself.

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