Meet the MiB: A custom built chopper motorcycle from Road Rage Custom Builds

Modified RE - Road Rage Customs (3)

Customizing motorcycles on a budget has been reasonably popular in India for some time now. With increasing disposable income, and more exposure to the international builds, however, the interest is tilting towards more premium custom jobs. While the likes of Rajputana Customs and Vardenchi are familiar to many, there are hidden talents that are spread […]

The Smart ForRail is the world’s smallest train

Smart ForRail (5)

Smart thinks the smartest way to commute is smarten up a Smart to drive on rails. And for the Smart forfour’s latest commercial, they did just that. The Smart “forrail” is the forfour’s rail-road going alter ego, and according to its maker, its also a fully certified mini-train. Now, contrary to regular thought, Grand Theft […]

Meet the “Retro-Naut”, a custom made 1978 Royal Enfield inspired by legendary Cuban rebel Che Guevara

Custom Build - Royal Enfield Naut (4)

Ernesto “Che” Guevara, popularly known as Che was a passionate motorcyclist. Guevara was also a prolific writer and diarist, and his book, The Motorcycle Diaries, is a best-selling memoir about his youthful continental motorcycle journey. Guevara’s admirers display their love and respect for him in various forms. One such unnamed fan approached custom motorcycle builder Emperor Motorcycles, owned and operated by […]

VIDEO: ‘Fast & Furious – Supercharged’ inducted in Universal Studios Hollywood theme park

Fast & Furious - Superchared theme ride (2)

The eight instalment of the Fast & Furious series has been confirmed and will be released in theatres somewhere in 2017. In the meanwhile, Universal Studios Hollywood is offering the fans of this franchise a thrilling ride at their famed theme park in California, USA. This is how ‘Fast & Furious – Supercharged’ begins Before […]

From auto-rickshawala to airline pilot: The inspirational story of Shrikant Pantawane

Shrikant Pantawane - Auto driver to pilot

People often say that sheer hard work and dedication takes you places. They also say perseverance and passion can make your dreams come true. People tell you many things, but seldom do they tell a story as inspirational and motivating as this one. The story of a certain Shrikant Pantawane – an auto-rickshaw delivery boy turned […]

Stunt-a-licious: Female stunt rider so talented, she makes her motorcycle dance!

Crazy bike stunts Sarah Lezito (15)

Note: Motoroids does not endorse/promote stunting on public roads. Always wear your safety gear when you ride. The world of motorcycle stunting is one which we are all very aware of. There are tens of thousands of motorcycle stunt videos on the interweb, some showcasing respectable riding prowess. Then there are the ‘cream of the […]

In images : The rain that never stopped; a drenched Mumbai

Mumbai Rains (15)

Mumbai, it’s that time of the year again! When vehicles are stripped off their road going prowess, local trains struggle to find their tracks, and aircrafts fight turbulence, shoddy visibility, along with rain streaked gusts. Monsoons have arrived only just, yet the country’s financial capital is already reeling from an unprecedented squall of rainfall that […]

Range Rover turns 45, brings together four generations of the iconic SUV to showcase its evolution

Range Rover Completes 45 Years (12)

Range Rover, the iconic British SUV brand, has completed 45 years since its introduction. To celebrate the occasion, Land Rover brought together four generations of Range Rover models to show the evolution of the vehicle over 45 years. Over the last 45 years Range Rover has delivered a series of industry firsts as it has evolved into […]

VIDEO: Capable of hitting 725 km/h, Jet Reaction is set to become the world’s fastest bike

The jet reaction - Land speed record bike (3)

There are many, really fast motorcycles out there, the fastest of which can easily blast past you at over 350 km/h (218 mph). That’s pretty brisk if you ask us. However, for those searching for the holy grail of high speed motoring, no place on earth can come close to the Bonneville Salt Flats in […]