VIDEO: Fueled By Everything series showcases the Toyota Mirai runs on Bull cr*p, literally

Toyota- Fueled by Everything - 1

Toyota has come up with a series of YouTube videos named ‘Fueled By Everything’ about hydrogen fuel. The Toyota Mirai FCEV that is equipped with a hydrogen powered motor received criticism from automotive figures. But Toyota plans to change the perception of its critics by showing different ways of creating hydrogen cells. The first episode of the Fueled By everything […]

Our favourite Jeremy Clarkson quote isn’t from Top Gear


Now that he is ousted from Top Gear, the world will largely remember Jeremy Clarkson for his outrageous statements and childish antics on and off camera. For the true petrolhead though, Clarkson will be remembered for his funny, insightful and quirky way of explaining often complicated concepts to the layman. We aren’t writing him off […]

Audi successfully produces synthetic, e-diesel made with CO2

Audi e-diesel (1)

  Audi has announced the successful production of its first batch of “e-diesel”, a synthetic diesel that is made using CO2, which should eventually make a crucial contribution to climate protection and also marks the efficient use of resources . Concocted at the German manufacturer’s research facility in Dresden, the only raw materials needed for producing e-diesel are water […]

Google says that SUVs driving used car demand in India

New 2014 Mahindra Scorpio (76)

Google India in association with Mahindra First Choice Wheels today launched a report, compiled by analyzing the search trends of used cars queries and actual market behavior to understand the used car market in India. The report revealed that Utility vehicles were the most searched used car type on Google in India. Used utility vehicles […]

Japanese Maglev train speeds at a record flattening 603 km/h

Japanese Maglev Train

Engineers in Japan have outdone themselves spectacularly when it comes to speeding trains. This is Central Japan Railway’s magnetic levitation* powered bullet train, otherwise known as Chūō Shinkansen. On a test track in central Japan, the train reached a mind-boggling top speed of 374 mph, or about 603 km/h – surpassing it’s own previous record by 13 km/h. The […]

HBO’ s Going Clear documentary shows how Tom Cruise used criminally underpaid Scientology minions to trick out his exotic vehicles


Tom Cruise is arguably the greatest Hollywood megastar of this generation. He is also an avid petrolhead, especially when it comes to exotic custom motorcycles. He is also controversial religion/cult Scientology’s most well-known adherent. HBO recently aired a documentary called Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief. Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Alex Gibney, and […]