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Yamaha FZ-S V3.0

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0

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Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Variants, key specs & Mileage

Fuel Type Engine Capacity Transmission Type Power Torque Fuel Efficiency
petrol 150cc Manual 13PS @ 8000RPM 13NM @ 6000RPM 45kmpl

FZ was one of the game changers in the 150cc motorcycle segment when it was launched in 2008. Over the years, Yamaha had never seen the sales dropped down heavily and to withhold the adults with their brand, the FZ-S was launched around six years back. The second-generation bike has also has seen a good response but it was not as simple and muscular its first breed. To keep the design up-to-date, Yamaha has recently launched the all-new FZ-S V3.0 which looks more muscular than its predecessors and at the same time, it looks more modern too.

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Design

The FZ-S V3.0 looks more muscular and gains modern looks than their previous versions. It shares the front headlight design with the FZ25, the quarter-litre lineup from the brand as it looks like the sharp inverted triangle with three LED lights that glow up in the dark. Above the headlamp is a tiny wind deflector that hides the all-new digital instrument cluster behind it. A major part of the attraction is its fuel tank that gives this bike a muscular stance at every angle. The elongated bold shrouds on both sides of the fuel tank act as the air intake and they are designed in a honeycomb-patterned grille with a chrome outline that makes the grill bold. The single-piece seat is wider and flat that offers more space to sit comfortably during long rides. The grab rail design is also made with new form and it looks more conventional one that we used to see on the commuter segment bikes. The tail section is taken from its predecessor and the exhaust is new with smaller and compact end can.

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Features

The most significant update in the FZ-S V3.0 is the addition of Bosch single-channel ABS unit in it. The bike is also equipped with a new LCD instrument cluster. It features a dark background colour with lighter coloured letters that show up all the necessary details. The rpm raises to the throttle response on top of the cluster with fuel indications displays on the bottom left side. There are two trip meters, an odometer, and a speed indicator which are comes as standard. There is an engine malfunction indication that glows up for any mechanical and electrical glitches.

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Safety

The FZ-S V3.0 continues to use the same 282mm disc at front and 220mm disc at the rear. The streetfighter is also provided with the single-channel ABS as standard.

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Engine & Performance

The FZ-S V3.0 features the same powerplant from its previous version that there are no mechanical updates done on it. The fuel-injected 150cc air-cooled engine generates 13bhp of maximum power at 8000rpm and 13Nm of twisting force at 6000rpm. The single-cylinder air-cooled engine is operated with 4 valves in accordance with the Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC). While the V2.0 was one of the lightest motorcycles in its category with 132kg, the newer version had seen a weight gain of 5 kilograms now. With 96.35hp/tonne, the FZ-S V3.0 has the least power-to-weight ratio in its class. Brakes are crisper as like before as the 242mm disc at the front and 130mm disc at the rear gives enough bite on roads. The 100/80 sectional front and 140/60 sectional rear tires offer great grip on the road in both wet and dry conditions.

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Fuel Efficiency

The updated fuel tank design holds 13litres of fuel that gives a maximum range of 585km on a full tank of fuel. It delivers 45kmpl on average in the city environment and 48kmpl in highways.

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Comfort and Ergonomics

The updated street fighter offers great comfort in both cities as well as highways. At 790mm of seat height, it is easily accessible for any kind of riders no matter they’re short or tall. The split seat setup on V2.0 is replaced with a single piece unit that has more room for the rider and pillion and the cushioning also done properly to provide comfort for all-day rides. Suspension duties handle their job perfectly as there is no back pain felt even after a long and hectic city traffic ride.

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Pros

  1. Muscular design
  2. Attractive Price
  3. Smooth power delivery
  4. Build Quality
  5. Handling

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Cons

  1. Headlight vision
  2. Low Power

Yamaha FZ-S V3.0 Colours

Matte Blue
Matte Black
Grey and Cyan Blue

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