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Royal Enfield Himalayan

(4.2 rating by MOTOROIDS)
Rs. 1.79 Lakh - Rs. 1.91 Lakh

Royal Enfield Himalayan Variants, key specs & Mileage

Fuel Type Engine Capacity Transmission Type Power Torque Fuel Efficiency
petrol 411cc Manual 25PS @ 6500RPM 32NM @ 4250RPM 32kmpl

Royal Enfield lit up the adventure riding space in India with the Himalayan. Launched as a completely new motorcycle, this adventure motorcycle has been improved over the times and is now one of the most fun, affordable and capable machines out there is your life begins where the black stuff ends.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Design

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is built on a single cradle frame with the power plant positioned in a way that keeps the mass centralized. Here, the engine acts as a stressed member which gulps all the stress that acts on this bike. There is a skid plate at the front of the engine and a sump protector at the bottom which keeps the engine and sump safe from the small rocks while going through the terrain. The Himalayan offers 220mm of ground clearance and with a seat height of 800 mm the Himalayan is easy to hop on for tall and even short riders. The handlebar is wide and the windscreen upfront does a good job of deflecting the wind away. Overall, the Himalayan's appearance is functional and there's a different kind of charm about it.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Features

The Himalayan is equipped with the pannier mounts as a stock which is one of most welcoming thing and one should not need to waste their time to search for an aftermarket accessory anymore. It also comes with a mount on the fuel tank which sometimes helps to carry a tank bag while going on for a very long ride. The Instrument cluster is the most important thing to talk here as it not only looks beautiful but also hosts various features. There are three big dials on the cluster which comprises of most of the features. On the top right, sits an analogue tachometer that shows up revolutions of the engine and below it is two small round dials in which one indicates the fuel level and the other one is the digital compass which helps most of the adventure riders to find their way back when they think they are getting lost somewhere. On the left is a big analogue dial for speed, incorporated with a small digital display that gives the details about Odometer, trip meter, gear position, temperature and a clock.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Safety

When it comes to safety, Royal Enfield has provided dual disc brakes as the front brakes do its duty with a 300mm disc plate and a twin-piston floating calliper and the rear is fitted with a 240mm disc on a larger single-piston calliper. Due to the government regulations, the brand has recently updated its adventure machine with the ABS feature which, unfortunately, cannot be switched off. Braking as such isn't all that impressive and this is one area where the Himalayan really needs to improve.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Engine & Performance

The 411cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine is completely new and fresh in their line-up. The new power plant produces 24.5bhp of peak power at 6500rpm and peak torque of 32Nm at 4250rpm. Instead of the overhead camshafts, the Himalayan features push-rods to actuate the valves that let the fresh charge inside the combustion chamber and also pulls out the combusted products out. As a result, no tappet adjustment is needed and you’ll get enhanced power and punchy torque throughout the power band. Transmission duties are handled by a 5-speed gearbox and the power is transferred to the rear wheels through the conventional chain drive.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Fuel Efficiency

The Himalayan delivers a maximum of 43km for a litre of fuel and it has a fuel tank capacity of 15-litres that covers the maximum range of 900km overall which means one should not need to worry about getting lost on a road without fuel.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Comfort and Ergonomics

When it comes to adventure riding, the rider’s comfort is the most necessary things of all and Royal Enfield had done the perfect job. The front suspension is equipped with two 41mm telescopic forks which allows a 200mm of travel and the rear suspension is a monoshock unit with a travel of 180mm. The handlebars are wide and straight and the upright riding position along with a comfortable seat ensures fatigue-free long-distance riding. It is off the road where this RE really shines through.

Royal Enfield Himalayan Pros

  1. Off-road capabilities
  2. Value for money

Royal Enfield Himalayan Cons

  1. Reliability

Royal Enfield Himalayan Colours

Snow White
Granite Black
Sleet Grey

Royal Enfield Himalayan Review

Royal Enfield Himalayan Review - Static Shots (7)

The story goes back 120 million years, much before humans came into existence. A major event was happening on the earth. A large landmass, which we now call India, started to drift towards a larger landmass at speed of about 2 inches per year. It might seem slow but it’s an enormous land mass we are talking about. If only we knew what kind of an engine it had to provide so much torque. However, about 80 million years ago, our landmass got bored and the turbo kicked in- speeding up the huge landmass to 6 inches per year and then 50 million years ago it hit Eurasia . Unfortunately, the brakes had failed by that time and the impact between these two continents was huge. So huge infact that the land between them squeezed and squeezed so hard that it formed world’s newest and tallest mountain ranges which came to be known as the Himalayas.

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