The new Hero Karizma ZMR 2013 – Hot or Not? [Quick Design Review]

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Regulars here would know that we have been almost swarmed with spy pics and details of the upcoming new Hero Karizma ZMR 2013 facelift and we have already reported enough about how the upcoming ZMR looks nothing like the model that is currently on sale in India and how there are good chances that the ZMR V2.0 could be powered by an engine developed by inputs from EBR!

However, it seems like the talking point of the new ZMR would be its styling and not its engine, what with these pics having given birth to an outcry of sorts, with people offering truck loads of criticism for the the styling of the upcoming bike?

2014 hero karizma zmr pics 1

As can be seen in the images above, the new Hero Karizma ZMR 2013 sports a projector headlamp in the low beam and a parabolic high beam setup. With this, the updated ZMR becomes the second bike in its segment to boast of a projector headlamp setup (the first being the much loved Bajaj Pulsar 220). While there are good chances that the new headlamp setup would probably endow the bike with the best headlight setup in the segment, it seems like people can’t stop blaming Hero MotoCorp for “copying” from every bike maker from Ducati to Bajaj! We feel that the bike, akin to arch rival P220, has a similar headlamp setup but any sort of resemblance might be purely coincidental. Also, we really don’t find even a hint of the Ducati 999 here and we wonder why people associate such holy machines with rather modest small displacement Indian motorcycles.

new hero karizma zmr 2013 pics 6 (5)

The front fairing also houses somewhat large trafficators, which we earlier mistook for a pair of auxiliary lamps (believe me, we weren’t alone!). Overall, the bike’s completely new front fairing makes the bike look bigger, bulkier and brawnier than before. However, the fairing does remind us of some superbikes of the yore and the tall fairing, coupled with that huge windscreen, might not appeal to some of the bike aficionados out there.

new hero karizma zmr 2013 pics 6 (5)

When viewed in profile, the new ZMR decals, along with a gaping air vent on the front fairing, are fast to catch attention. Very much like the earlier fairing, the fairing on the updated bike gives a glimpse of the engine’s crankcase, which continues to come finished in a shade of Gold. The front forks too continue to come with a gold finish and the rear twin shock absorbers have also retained their red livery (with golden gas canisters).

new hero karizma zmr 2013 pics 6 (1)

Unsurprisingly, the wheels too have been carried over from the earlier model. The new ZMR will boast of a rather rakish tail end. The ZMR will come with split seats and gets a pair of new split grab-rails too.

Also, the bike will come with a new rear registration plate bracket, which also holds the new taillight assembly. All this means that the rear end of the bike sports a completely new styling. Again, the rear end might not be to everyone’ s taste and our personal opinion is that the earlier bike looked a tad classier and more balanced.

new hero karizma zmr 2013 pics 6 (4)

Once astride, you will be quick to note that the bike gets the same set of golden finished clip ons and the same old Honda VFR inspired instrument console. Not exactly a problem as the earlier ZMR provided good ergonomics and that speedo console sure looks cool!

Overall, we feel that the bike does have some oddballness at its front and rear end and people might take some time getting used to the new bike. However, we really have no intentions of crying foul and accusing Hero MotoCorp of “copying” Ducati, Honda or Bajaj. In fact, it is nice to see that the bikemaker is over its divorce with Honda and is making efforts to update its product portfolio.

So, do you guys agree with us? Sure, the new ZMR 2013 might not suit your tastes but has Hero MotoCorp really done so bad? Do think about it and share your views by commenting  below.

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